19th Century Anglo-Indian Chairs F1044

19th Century Anglo-Indian chairs, pair. Quite astounding.  Re-upholstered in beautiful blue gray fabric. (Part of set with sofa, F1045). Intricate yet comfortable, inlaid with ebony, bone and mother-of-pearl, a technique known as sadeli work.. Must be seen to really appreciate the scale of these incredible pieces. Chairs measure 31″w, 29″d, 48″h.

Price on request.

The ancient art of Sadeli Mosaic is said to have been introduced from Shiraz in Persia via Sind to Bombay, a long time before the Anglo Indian boxes were made. It was a technique which required a high degree of skill and patience. It was executed very lavishly, in that the frequent cuts wasted a great amount of the precious materials used. The workmanship was however more than commensurable to the value of the materials. 
Ivory, silver, pewter (or other metals), wood and horn were cut into faceted rods which were bound together to form geometric patterns. When the glue has set, the rods were sliced in transverse sections. This gave the maker a number of angled circular pieces in the original pattern. Several variations of patterns could be achieved by combining the materials in different ways. The ivory was sometimes dyed green to give an extra colour.