Fairy Soap Store Display Box – Wood with Brass Fittings Early 20th Century A425b

Before Ivory floated a soap bar there was Fairbank's "soap of the century", Fairy. This extremely well made and handsome box once stocked with their product opened up as a display. Pretty deluxe, and rather delightful. And nothing is more beguiling than a box. Price on request.  

Monterey Classic D & M Tile Top Side Board SOLD F987

Popular, so not yet rare: a very useful, and quite substantial piece of Monterey. Still boasting its original Old Wood finish, though refreshed. D & M tiles are original to the piece as well and exhibit only minimal wear. Original grout has held up too. Branded. Early heavy wrought iron. These rarely come up for ...

Catalina Island Classic Hexagon Tile Top table SOLD F986

Poinsettias have a whole different life in California as a magnificent spreading all-year outdoor plant and these are the ones immortalized here in clay by Catalina Island Tile. The tiles in the table are in very nice shape, with some surface abrasions. Base is solid hardwood recently refinished and ready for your place. sold

Angelus Furniture Co Hispano-Moresque Tile-Top Dresser SOLD F985

Simple, even severe lines, generously sized, some carving on the top drawer face and then... the flowering of Hispano-Moresque tiles on top! All the elements that blended together to make the California Style, the final meeting and melding of the formative and contrasting Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean cultures, are in this piece. Angelus was the mark ...

Monterey Classic Hutch Cupboard Old Wood SOLD F976

Hard to find Monterey Classic hutch in Old Wood. Has been waxed and is ready to roll. Made for most all California interiors. Monterey manages to be elegant as all get out and old-shoe comfortable at the same time. That's why it's such a great brand. Price on request

Arthur Oscar Schilling (1882-1958) Portrait of a Man in a Sombrero 1926 Oil on Canvas P780 SOLD

  A very arresting portrait, painted with great verve and style, the character of the sitter vividly conveyed (check out the attitude!.. the way the cigarette is negligently held in his hand), the level of talent and accomplishment of the painter extremely apparent, as is a strong flavor of the bohemian life of the period, ...