Elk Horn Chair SOLD F1198

Amazing Elk Horn chair from the early 1900s. Meticulously put together with only iron nails and horns. Quite a sturdy piece. Perfect for your cabin in the woods, or your rustic room in the city. Measures 46h x 25w x 28d. Price on request.

William Frederick Foster Magazine Illustration World War I P1079

Prime Minister David Lloyd George, at the War Cabinet, conferring with his Military Secretary Colonel Arthur Lee (later First Viscount Lee of Fareham). Probably one of a series of illustrations for an article, or several, on the conduct of the Great War, perhaps for Colliers, Harper's or The Saturday Evening Post. From the estate of ...

Monterey Classic Old Wood Draw Bridge drop front Desk on stand F1197

The California furniture movement is personified in this early Monterey Classic piece. Hinged in such a way the the door literally swings down to open Revealing a neat and tidy cubby holes finished in original Red Paint. Thought to be made during the 1929 Period. This is one of 4 old wood pieces that came out ...

California Rustic Farmhouse Hutch SOLD F1195

One of the most elegant pieces of rustic furniture we have ever come across. At 19" deep. 32" wide and 80" high, the shelves taper gently upwards to its full height from the cabinet base. Classically severe, warmly homespun, we think constructed out of ash or poplar… 19th Century. Tremendous in every way. Price on request.