A. Brandt Early Period Ranch Oak Furniture Co. Carved Relief Panel Sofa F967

This is what people are looking for when they search for Ranch Oak Furniture: the carving is sensational, the cowboy theme entrancing, and the sofa is very, very comfortable indeed. Texas novelty furniture of 1930s and 40s of a very high order.

Price on request.

A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture continues to grow in popularity among those who enjoy sturdy home d├ęcor with a rustic, western Americana look. Widely known for quality and durability, patented Ranch Oak furniture was produced from the late 1930s to the mid-late 1980s in Fort Worth, Texas. Ranch Oak furniture is characterized by a patented rough-hewn design carved into the oak surfaces. Although out of production for more than two decades, enthusiasts both old and new are seeking out this practical and attractive western style of solid oak home furnishing that has come to be known as “vintage” ranch furniture in collector markets.