Advertising Sign “Exide Battery” AP72 SOLD

Embossed Exide Battery sign. Great artifact of a classic, and still flourishing, brand.

Measures 15″ x 56″

Price on request.

Exide was founded by W.W. Gibbs in 1888 and was then called Electric Storage Battery Company. Gibbs purchased the ideas and patents of inventor Clement Payen to make the storage battery a commercial product. Gibbs targeted electric lighting companies so they could use the storage batteries to provide services to their customers. In 1900, the company developed a product of greater capacity and less weight for electric taxicabs. This battery was the first to bear the name Exide, short for “Excellent Oxide”.

When the United States entered World War I, Exide batteries were used to operate airplane radio sets and power radio stations. In 1938, Exide acquired Giant Storage Battery Company, and expanded into battery chargers and testers. During World War II, Exide was a major supplier of batteries for U.S. Navy submarines and primary contractor for batteries used in the Mark 18 electric torpedo. Exide Technologies has signed an agreement to be the sole lead-acid battery supplier for the REVA (Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Alternative) car-making project in Bangalore, India.