Agave by Evelena Nunn Miller P1086

A big burst of color in an exuberant impasto. Bang!  A later painting. She could kick up her heels. She earned it.

20″ x 24″

Price on request.

Born Mayfield, July 4, 1888; died Santa Ana, CA, Feb. 25, 1966. Painter, specialized in landscape. Illustrator. Teacher. Moved from Mayfield to Santa Ana, CA in 1903 and earned a BA from Pomona College in 1910. Also studied at the Arts Students League, the Berkshire Summer School of Art, the University of California, and in Japan. Pupil of Hannah Tempest Jenkins, Anna Althea Hills, John F. Carlson, Norwood MacGilvary, and W. A. Griffith. From 1911-1918, she taught art at Claremont High School and Riverside Girls School and at Santa Ana High School. From 1920 to 1922, she taught at a boys school in Japan. She returned to Los Angeles but continued to travel extensively and to with her paint landscapes, coastal views and Native Americans in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. One of her goals was to paint all of the pueblos of the Southwest, and pursuing that as well as landscape subjects, she forded rivers, went into building ruins, and climbed high elevations. These pursuits led to the completion of 40 canvases of scenes of life in the pueblos of the Navajo, Apache, Taos, Hopi, Jemez, Acoma, Laguna, and Zuni. She also painted in Japan, China, Egypt and the Holy Land and in 1933, her book, Travel Tree, about these journeys was published. In 1956 Miller became the Director of the Bowers Memorial Museum in Santa Ana, CA.