Alaska Refrigerator Ice Box c. 1900 F1049 SOLD

In superb shape. All complete. On its original casters, so it moves like a dancer. Alaska Refrigerators were the industry standard. This absolutely cherry model shows why. 32″w x 21″ deep x 61.5″ high.

SOLD                                         ALASKA REFRIGERATOR/NORGE

The Alaska Refrigerator Company was one of the seven original factories to locate in Muskegon Heights. Michigan in 1891. The company had been in business since 1878 in Michigan City, Indiana, and was known as the largest maker of home iceboxes at the time. The move to Muskegon Heights was the result of incentives offered by the Muskegon Improvement Company. John Moon, a Muskegon lumberman and majority stockholder, was named president. The new three-story factory building measured 340 by 60 feet and faced McKinney (later Broadway) at Fifth Street.
On April 15, 1892, Alaska Refrigerator shipped 4000 iceboxes, filling 42 large train cars. These large shipments would become an annual event and bring favorable publicity to the company in the form of newspaper stories and photographs.
Over the next 20 years the company would expand its plant to include two factory buildings, four warehouses, lumber yard and offices. An average of 350 people manufactured the company’s 200 styles and sizes of iceboxes. One of the highly
advertised features of 1920s Alaska iceboxes was the use of “cubed cork” insulation,
replacing the earlier charcoal. Electric refrigerators started to enter the market
in the 1920’s. The old-fashioned iceboxes began going out of style. In the face of
dwindling sales, Alaska Refrigerator was sold to Coldak Corporation in 1926, eventually being absorbed into Borg-Warner’s Norge division. And that, children, is called continuity.