Albert J Londraville Reclining Nude 1953 P1323

We are so pleased to have received a group of this intriguing artist’s paintings. Portraits and some particularly lovely nudes, of which this is a terrific example. A gentle humanism infuses his work, which gives us a lot of pleasure here at the store.  17.5h x 24w.

Biography of Albert J Londraville from the Archives of askART

Scenic artist at MGM who attended Otis Art Institute and studied with Nicolai Fechin; An Exhibition of Paintings — Pastels — Drawings — Serigraphs by Albert Londraville, The Pasadena Art Museum, December 23 through January 22, 1956; exhibited with California Art Club and Artists of Los Angeles and Vicinity; won $500 in the John F and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship fund, LAT, December 7, 1952, page D 11; exhibited in drawing show at LA Art Assn., LAT, February 22, 1953, page D 9; won a prize at the 1954 annual of Artists of Los Angeles and Vicinity at the LA Museum, per LAT, May 14, 1954, page A 9 and May 23, 1954, page E 7; OMS at Pasadena Art Museum, per “Londraville Paintings Reflect Nature’s Poetry,” LAT, January 8, 1956, p. D 6; and other refs. on the historic LAT (ProQuest)

Price on request.