Alexander Melville Portrait of a Mexican Lady c 1865 P1185

Itinerant and prolific British portrait painter Alexander Melville was active from 1846-1848 and executed this fine painting of an upper-class Mexican lady on one of his lucrative trips to the New World. Portraits of assorted royalties from Queen Victoria on down as well as the monied upper classes were his bread and butter, as this lady in her ultra-fashionable coiffure and gown clearly shows. The latest from Europe and the best that money can buy goes for artists as well as clothes. Which in 1860s Mexico would have been Alexander Melville when he rolled into town. Check out the lace of her shawl. Beautifully and carefully restored, as is its companion, her husband (P1186).  24 x 30, framed.

Price on request.

(Misidentified as Señora Pico, we have left the label on. It is part of its history after all.)