Anders Aldrin (1889-1970) Portrait of a Woman SOLD 1928 P1137

There is a wonderful relationship of background to figure that lends this portrait a dynamic tension, while the sitter’s pallor and the looser pattern of her dress allows her to break free of the darker papered wall. The dramatic reversal of the usual in his use of cool tones for the highlights in the face overlaying warmer skin tones marks Aldrin’s great originality as a colorist .

16″ x 20″.


Price on request.

Price on request

A painter as well as a print maker, Anders Aldrin (1889-1970) became known for his color wood-blocks and his paintings of still lifes, landscapes, and portraits using “broad, quick strokes and intense hues.” ¬†Originally from Sweden, Aldrin showed artistic talent as a child. He immigrated to the United States in 1911, escaping his family who disapproved of him choosing art as a career. While in the army, he contracted tuberculosis and began painting at the VA hospital in Arizona. ¬†There began one of the most individualistic and interesting careers in California painting.