Lillian Dayton Man in Sombrero 1925 P1202

Very striking portrait by Lillian Dayton. Deceptively simple: the acute characterization of the sitter arrests, even compels the viewer to engage. Panache is present, plentifully. Dated 2/15/25.

Price on request.

Lillian Dayton

Painter. Born in California on Aug. 13, 1903. After studying art in Paris for three years, Dayton moved to Los Angeles and continued at the Otis Art Institute. During the 1920s and 1930s she was active in the local art scene. A brilliant colorist, her floral still lives and portraits are some of the finest produced during that period. She later married a man named Lawrence and lived in Pasadena until her demise on March 11, 1989. Member: Calif. Art Club. 1 AAA 1925.