Anders Aldrin Skoghall Inlet Sweden 1962 P1314

The California master Anders Aldrin returned periodically to his native Sweden to paint. One of the joys of his work is to experience the inherent tension between one’s former and adopted homes, a tension that results in heightened perception, the familiar remade as new. And, as so often in Aldrin’s work, the woods await. And the sea abides.

Anders Aldrin estate. Oil on canvas. 31 x 38, framed 37 x 44.

Price on request.

Skoghall (literally means “Forest Hall”) is a locality and the seat of Hammarö Municipality in Värmland County, Sweden with 13,265 inhabitants in 2010. Stora Enso with paper mill and manufacturing being the largest employer. Second largest is Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals AB. Skoghall is located on the island of Hammarö and is also considered a suburb of Karlstad, situated only seven km from the center of Karlstad.