Anders Aldrin “View From Laurel Canyon” 1944 P1407

The great regionalist Anders Aldrin took in the whole of California and the Northwest in the course of his long and impassioned career, and, in viewing this 1944 painting, one realizes how rare it is to find Los Angeles as the subject of a landscape painting. And how precious it is to have what has changed so much since then really captured and memorialized, still alive on the canvas, seen through the eyes of this acute and powerful artist. Anyone who has lived in LA has sensed how powerful the forces of the Earth are beneath the flimsy crust of its never ending urbanization, and in this painting Aldrin has given primacy to the hills, ever ready to slide or shake or burst into flames, just to remind us who’s boss.

14″ x 16″ oil on canvas, in great condition. From the Aldrin family collection.

Price on request.