Anton Muller-Wischin: Black Madonna “Rosa Mystica” SOLD P935

A superb envisioning: she stands holding the Christ child surrounded by roses, seeming to have come alive in her Gothic shrine. This German painter has created something more than decorative. A wonderful example of a “Black Madonna,” a depiction of the Virgin Mary with dark skin, which are usually from Europe (like this one) and especially from Catholic areas (such as Bavaria in Germany – this painting is also marked “Munchen” [Munich]). Legend on the back marked “Rosa Mystica,” which refers to apparitions of the Virgin surrounded by roses. In frame, 31″w x 57″h. Image, 26″w x 52″h.

Price on request.

Anton Muller-Wischin was a German (Bavarian) artist who lived from 1865-1949. He was known for his paintings of nature, portraits and landscapes.