Monterey Classic Old Wood Cellarette F1171


A beauty, partially restored, original Hispano Moresque tiles have been reset. This Monterey Classic cellarette has a top that slides forward to reveal the hidden compartment where you'd hide your hooch bottles in the midst of Prohibition. Iron work is flawless. Price on request.

Step Stool F1168


Cute and wonderful and even intricate, but that's not all - it's decorated with hearts and diamonds! Who could not love such a helpful little stool, measuring 12" square x 11" high. Painted white with those great red accents. Price on request.

Bark Canoe A789


Crazy and very cool little replica of a bark canoe, made out of, what else, bark and wood. One of two we recently acquired. (other is A791) Comes with a paddle! This gem measures 30"w x 12"d x 11"high. Northern California made. Price on request.