George Hunt Spanish Colonial Highboy F1252


Circa 1926, solid walnut Spanish Colonial highboy by California furniture maker George S. Hunt. Measures 52h x 34w x 20.5.                         Price on request. Designer/furniture maker George S. Hunt's Pasadena studio was adjacent to that of architect Wallace Neff back in the early 1900s. Hunt would be commissioned by Neff and other top designers and architects of the ...

Marshall Laird Spanish Colonial Revival Cabinet F1249


Huge Marshall Laird Spanish Colonial Revival Cabinet. It's enormous, with upper cabinet storage as well as lower, with shelves. Back in the 1920s period of classic Los Angeles Spanish Revival decorating, furniture from Marshall Laird Co. was highly coveted. Now you can have this remarkable piece as your own. Cabinet measures 51.5w x 19d x ...

Charles Putnam Safford (1900-63) Burning Building Ink Drawing P1124


What couldn't Charlie Safford do? Bore you. This picture is utter heaven. Even a disaster has some fun in it for this WPA Bay Area artist. And it speaks to the soul. We all have burning buildings in our hearts. And the searchlights in the sky proclaim them as a celebration. Price on request.

Charles Putnam Safford Mustachioed Leftist Charcoal and Ink on Paper P1126

A little gentle poking of the left from the left is always welcome. And besides, this is a stunning drawing. Ever since Hogarth and Daumier there has never been a reason that cartooning and caricature couldn't be great art. Though not a lot of people manage that. Charlie Safford could. Price on request.

Charles Putnam Safford Here’s To The Old Night Life Lithograph P1127


Noted (and beloved) WPA artist Charles Safford was as good at skewering the foibles of his friends as he was at highlighting the social injustices of the 30s and 40s. He proves here that you can be socially engaged and still be very, very funny. The dedication is to Helen and Mel, 1942.

Charles Putnam Safford Fetching Water Charcoal and Ink on Paper P1128


It can hardly be called a farm, this collection of shacks (and an outhouse), but it's a living, and a place to live. The poverty of the surroundings in no way dims the resilience of spirit emanating from the figure of the man. Charlie Safford's combination of humor and observation set a tone among young ...

Charles Putnam Safford Hobo & Engineer Charcoal and Ink on Paper P1130


A wonderful and multifaceted and socially conscious artist emblematic of a very particular time and place in California, Charles Safford poured his energies into works that range from the satirical, to the realistic, to the abstract. This drawing of railway engineer deep in conversation with a hobo feels entirely autobiographical. The surprise that these two ...

Dorman Bros Panoramic Photograph Bakersfield Work Crew 1916 P1131


Another name appears on the photograph in addition to the Dorman Brothers' photo credit, that of Weringer. Members of this family were active in Bakersfield in a variety of businesses, from breweries to vaudeville houses to general stores, at least from the mid 19th century. What business this particular crew was intent upon on Dec ...