Eva R. Vanloan Smith California Courtyard 1920s P1315


Eva R. Vanloan Smith. Born in California on Nov. 7, 1890.  Died in Orange, CA on Dec. 17, 1982. Oil on canvas mounted on board. Frame 21" x 25", board 16" x 20". A certain kind of California dream has materialized in this expert little painting. No other person disturbs this reverie. We all get to experience those perfect ...

Hilda Van Zandt Wash Day Scene 1920s P1316


A charming scene of domestic activity in a courtyard. Two women are engaged in the backbreaking labour of washing clothes and cleaning house. The setting is typical Old California or Mexico, rendered fluently and colorfully. Oil on canvas 16" x 20", framed 19 1/2" x 24". Price on request.  Hilda Mutton Van Zandt Born in Henry, IL on June ...

Candelario Medrano Mexican Pottery Pick-up Truck M844


Medrano (1918-1986) was from Santa Cruz de las Huertas in Jalisco. First set to making clay pipes he transformed his profession into a true artistic calling, creating a body of work unsurpassed for its wit and inventiveness. Here we have a pickup truck and some intrepid tiny riders: it's Medrano's world and I for one would love to ...

Rich Craft Studios Señorita Kraftrok Chalkware Wall Candle Holder A1026


Rich Craft in Rochester New York developed a very popular line of decorative objects in the 1920s fabricated from chalk. This delicious plaque will hang on a wall and hold two candles. 10 1/2" high x 12 1/2" wide. Price on request.

Oyez! Oyez! Goin’ LIVE! This Saturday! June 18!


Saturday’s Live Auction at the store is shaping up really swell...                   So here’s the drill. On Friday from 12-5, it’s the Day of the Preview. All the lots will be on display, clearly marked and numbered, and catalogues available. On Saturday we open at 10 for pre-registration. We will be serving free refreshments: food, coffee and wine. ...

Pacific Hostess Ware Tea Pot CA583


As simple as a cartoon. And as eternally enjoyable. 4" high, spout-to-handle width 8". Price on request. The below excerpt is from "Depression Tableware Hardly Depressing!" by Jeffrey B. Snyder (http://www.thegavel.net/table.html): "The primary plant for the Pacific Clay Products Company was located in the Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles, California. William Lacy brought together several disparate potteries ...