Richard MacDonald Production Gouache for “The Day Of the Locust” 1974 P1298

Richard MacDonald was a storied production designer, and, as this terrific gouache attests, a very fine painter. Executed for the 1975 film of The Day of the Locust, this production sketch for the film's set design captures the scene of a premiere at Grauman's and the atmosphere of 1930s Movieland with the very mixture of romance and realism ...

Edward M Plunkett “Lyda Borelli In ‘Torment’ ” 1959 P1297


The Curious Case of Edward M Plunkett, or how to define this charming obsessive? Coming to New York in the 50s, like many young men he decided to remake himself into an artist and a man-about-town. Where his preoccupations and predilections landed him was somewhere between Edward Gorey (whose work his most closely resembles) and Florine ...

Frank Gutierrez American Doughboy and Rat-In-Boots Lady with Flag Drawing P1283


Chicano artist Frank Gutierrez is having a whale of time here mixing and morphing iconic imagery into a pointed nightmare. Gustave Doré's famous take on Puss-In-Boots is has its head removed and the cat changed to a rat before being plopped onto to the body of an ultrapatriotic matron standing proudly next to a dubious American foot-soldier of ...

Frank Gutierrez “Sergeant Nietzche and The Men of Angst Company” P1282


2 piece hand inked acetate over illustration board by Chicano artist and general trouble-maker Frank Gutierrez, pillar of the Chicano Art movement. Mordantly funny. Messin' with Pop. Thinkin' Punk. But keepin' it cool. 1979, baby. L.A. Framed with 2" black matte. Price on request.