Mexican Retablo: “Doroteo Hernandes” 1940s M741


Mexican retablo, unsigned, 1940s. Painting on tin, 14.5w x 12d. Legend etched into black band at bottom of painting, translated from the Spanish: "The wretched Doroteo Hernandes, who on asking help from a fellow worker, was assaulted by many bandits with the pretext of stealing his corn, and was beaten until mortally wounded, and seeing himself ...

Lizabeth Scott Photograph by Bill Avery A884


This Sweet piece came from Lisbeth Scotts Estate along with the rare Paid in Full poster. 19.5w x 15h. Textured print on board. Bill Avery Bill Avery was born in Seattle, Washington. Without formal training, he learned photography hands on at Columbia Pictures. During World War II he was a combat cameraman/photographer. Upon his return from the ...

Stowell Hotel Metal Enamel Sign AP443


Downtown Los Angeles' Stowell Hotel has been recently refurbished (as our old downtown continues to be these days), but it has been magic from the start. Charlie Chaplin chose to live there in his first years in Hollywood. He liked a bargain. 17" each side. Aligned, it is 24" tall x 24" across. Price on request.

Bethlehem Cast Iron Truck Sign Plate AP442


Fantastic relic of a vanished make. Bethlehem Motor Truck Company 1917-1927 The Bethlehem Motor Truck Company in Allentown (Pennsylvania) was an American commercial vehicles - tractors - and motor manufacturer.  This storied company played a key role in the first World War making military vehicles, most notably the Liberty truck, as did many other truck companies. 24"x 5". Price ...