Bruce Bomberger Saturday Evening Post Illustration 1954 P829 SOLD

A Cold War Classic. Anti-commie, but… kinda pro-egghead. Confusing times. Terrific art. This magazine illustration original is a graphic bulls-eye.

Image mounted on board, image 10″ x 26 1/2″, board 16 1/2″ x 29 7/8″


An illustrator for Time, Life, Look, True, True West, Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest,  and others, he also painted for advertising campaigns,  most notably wildlife paintings for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company and The Marlboro Man.

In the early months of the Marlboro Country campaign, in order to ferret out maximum appeal, advertising agent guru Leo Burnett turned to artist Bruce Bomberger for an illustrated special series of advertisements.   Offering an alternative medium and different content, these ads, most likely, ran right alongside the more mainstream photography medium.  Whereas the mainstream ads were classic Marlboro Man cruising Marlboro Country, the Bomberger illustrated series focused on the cowboy’s tack.  The first advertisement appeared in Time Magazine, October 23rd, 1964.  That ad featured his rope.  It was soon followed by his rope, boot and spur, hat and glove, and his saddle.   The final ad came in Life Magazine, July 22nd, 1966.  That ad put his horse into play, but it also showcased a first edition Marlboro Man seemingly showing off his cowboy tack. (Source: Ted & Kiersten A. Nelson Collection).

Bomberger was born in 1918 in Manteca, California. He attended High School in Modesto and the College of Arts and Crafts, Berkeley, CA,  Art Center, Los Angeles.

San Francisco Society of Illustrators  (founding member, past president)
Society of Illustrators

Major Projects include:
California Zephyr; Chevrolet; U.S Air Force; Levi Jeans; Marlboro Man

He has won many awards and citations for his illustrations.