Mexican Carved Wood Frame Miguel Magana 1926 A911 Sold

Signed by sculptor and wood carver Miguel Magana whose work travelled to America as part of the celebrated exhibition:

Mexican Arts

An Exhibition Organized for and circulated by The American Federation of Arts

1930-31   22″ x 28″ overall;  open area 15″ x 21″



The exhibition, Mexican Arts (1930), was developed and coordinated by Dwight W. Morrow (U.S. ambassador to Mexico), Count Rene D’Harnoncourt, and Mr. Saint-Gaudens (director of the Fine Arts Department of the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh). The Mexican government’s collaboration was indispensable to this effort. It authorized Mexican museums, such as the National Museum of Mexico, to lend works of incalculable value, and allowed the art to travel to the United States. The contemporary (in 1930) sculptors presented were Rafael Archundia, J. Trinidad Corona, Luis Hidalgo, Fernando Leon, Mardonio Magana, Miguel Magana, Eucario Olvera, Rebeca Ortiz, Eliseo De La Rosa and Guillermo Ruiz.