Charles I’Anson “Turkeys in a Green Landscape” 1880s-1900 SOLD P518

An entrancing scene of turkeys grazing in the lush fields of Sussex, by a British artist with an unusual last name, Charles I’Anson (that is an I not an L). Art measures 20 x 32, frame 30 x 36.

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Dear 4me2no,

Thanks to the valuable hint provided in the excellent comment by
loudnotes-ga, I was able to do additional research in the library as
well as online. Now I am absolutely sure that the painter you are
searching is indeed Charles I'Anson (with the "I`" not being a middle
initial, but part of the family name). Unfortunately, even hours of
extensive reseach did lead to modest results only; actually,
information on Charles I'Anson is very hard to find. But here is what
I could get:

Charles I'Anson was born in London (Marylebone District, Middlesex) in
September 1849 as the first child of Charles I'Anson (also written as
J'Anson and Anson) and Sarah Caroline Matthews.

He later became a landscape painter, working in London. His career as
an artist surely started well before 1875, because from that year on
he often participated in art exhibitions in London. Obviously, Charles
I'Anson enjoyed a certain reputation as a painter since his works were
shown at exhibitions of the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of
British Artists, the New Water-Colour Society, the New English Art
Club, and other institutions.

The favorite subject of his paintings were depictions of imaginative
landscapes and coastal sceneries as well as motifs from the Counties
of Yorkshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Dorset, and South Wales.

His last known activities as a painter date from 1905; though I did
not find his date of death, it seems possible that he died that year
or short time later.

Charles I'Anson is mentioned in the following sources:

Algernon Graves: Dictionary of artists who have exhibited works in the
principal London exhibitions from 1760-1893. Published by Henry
Graves, London, 1895.

Algernon Graves: The Royal Academy of Arts. A Complete Dictionary of Contributors
and their Works from its foundation in 1769 to 1904, vol. IV. London, 1906.

Catalog of the Royal Academy of Arts, 1905.

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1824-1893 and the New English Art Club, 1888-1917. An Antique
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The Antique Collectors' Club, 1975. ISBN: 0902028359.

Christopher Wood: The Dictionary of Victorian Painters. Published by
Woodbridge, Suffolk / The Antique Collectors' Club, 1978. Two volumes.

Here is the only example of Charles I'Anson's work I could find:
Though credited to "C. I. Anson" in the description, this watercolor
marine scene is without any doubt actually signed "C. I'Anson". The
unusual surname can be misread easily.

Most of the biographical information above derives from these two
German art encyclopedias:

Allgemeines Lexikon der bildenden Künstler, vol. 18. Hans Vollmer,
editor. Published by Verlag E. A. Seemann, Leipzig, 1925.

Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon. Bio-bibliographischer Index A-Z, vol. 5.
Published by K. G. Saur Verlag, München/Leipzig, 2000. ISBN

In addition, I used these online sources:

Free BMD: British Civil Registration Database of Births, Marriages, and Deaths

I'ANSON International: Descendants of Edward I'Anson

I hope that the information I was able to find will help you.
Very best regards,