City of Banning Stage Coach Town USA Porcelain Enamel Sign SOLD AP332

What an exuberant sign to put up at a city limit! City of Banning. Stage Coach Town USA. Scenic Gateway. Healthful Living. Population 13550.

Since the population of Banning was 12,034 in 1970 and grew to 14,020 by 1980 I would place the USE of this sign as lasting up to about 1975, with the numbers being adjusted every few years. However it is most likely that since the sign is porcelain enamel it probably came into service no later than the early sixties and probably in the late fifties, which would be consonant with the stye of the image of the stage coach and of the lettering. All in all, a beautiful piece of post war all-American civic optimism.

Banning was an important stagecoach stop on the Colorado Stage & Express Line, connecting Los Angeles with the gold found along the Colorado River. The railroad replaced the stagecoach in 1876, but Banning is still known as “Stagecoach Town U.S.A.” and pays annual tribute to its past with its Stagecoach Days Celebration in October.

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