Claycraft Set of Two “Italian Terrace” Scene Relief Tiles from a Fireplace Surround CA382

A rare and lovely pair of Italianate Claycraft fireplace surround tiles. Set of two. Two different views of a storybook italian town seen through the double arches of a portico. Circa 1927. Recently salvaged from a remodel. Each tile 9′ x 8″.

Claycraft Potteries, Los Angeles, CA 1921-1939. Claycraft tiles are excellent examples of early twentieth century ceramic production in California. Especially characteristic of their work were their single-fired decorative tiles, where the surface was buffed and sanded after firing to produce an interesting irregularly mottled effect. Many of their landscape or scenic tiles display a historical bent: they delight in summoning visions of the distant past and idealized memories of America’s more recent one.

$1750 for the set