Crouse-Hinds Vintage Industrial Light L442

Architectural lighting fixture. Has a huge presence as an object in itself.

Crouse-Hinds was originally founded in 1894 by a factory superintendent and former mechanic, Jeff Lorenzo Hinds and a 25 year old entrepreneur named Huntington Beard Crouse. Its first product was a changeable headlight for trolley cars and they were one of the original producers of RLM warehouse lights, along with Benjamin™ Electric, Appleton™ Electric, and the Miller Company. These enterprising manufacturers created a new variety of designs suited for different demands. The term RLM lighting comes from the association titled Reflector and Lamp Manufacturers and its line of lighting products was widely recognized as one of the most durable lighting fixtures in the world. Crouse-Hinds was one of the major manufacturers of traffic signals and RLM warehouse lights that were commonly found around factories, auto shops and gas stations. Light measures 24 1/2″ x 16″ x 17″.

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