Dolores Del Rio Centerpiece Figure Wax Head Cardboard Body Cloth Clothes 1931 M874

The ways of the movie business are strange sometimes, glorious often and opportunistic always. And if the audience must suspend belief, the dream merchants must in turn suspend their dignity. And the true movie star, to succeed, must often accept the role of object of veneration. So here we have this delightful artifact, a tiny waxen head of the elegant Dolores Del Rio joined to a cardboard representation of her body costumed as a ranchera, that once appeared as only one of a multitude of identical replications, and now, we warrant, only exists as THE one, the very last one.

Why? What? What was this, and what was going on that gave it birth? Well, Los Angeles and the Hollywood community joined together that year to celebrate the City and one of the many, many, many, glittering events to mark the occasion was a dinner in honor of that year’s crop of WAMPAS Baby Stars. The guest of honor, or perhaps the presiding hostess, was Miss Del Rio, a former WAMPAS Baby Star herself who by her rapid ascension to the highest ranks of movie notability had justified the whole WAMPAS anointing of the next Most Likely To Succeed. And to drive this delightful point home, it was decided that every centerpiece on every table at the banquet should be crowned with this tiny and adorable representation of the triumphant Miss Del Rio.

And that very night, one of those centerpieces made its way home with one of the lucky guests and the exquisite little creature was treasured as a souvenir by the thief until memory dimmed and life slipped away. And now, after many more adventures, she has found her way to us. And she is still beautiful.

A program, delicate and rare, of the festival comes with her, though it only should take one look at her face to authenticate her. It’s an astonishing likeness actually. 18″ x 7″ x 5″.

Price on request.