Ejnar Hansen’s Portrait of his Son Jorgen Hansen, circa 1934 SOLD P1059

Really grand. A boy in a red striped t-shirt, moody, romantic, a little surly and rather noble. Adolescent in other words. He too became a noted teacher and painter just like his father. The sitter and the painting both have a huge presence. A superb work, with a wonderful ache.


Ejnar Hansen

Ejnar Hansen’s art is expressionistic and dark, aligning him with such Scandinavian artists as Edvard Munch. In fact, as a young artist growing up in Denmark, Hansen admired Munch and became a member of De Trotten (The Thirteen), a secessionist group that rebelled against academic art and advocated modernism. Hansen, who had been raised in humble circumstances on a dairy farm, attended the Teknisk Skole while apprenticing to become a painting contractor. After reaching journeyman status, he attended evening classes at the Royal Academy of Art, while exhibiting and making caricatures for newspapers and magazines. He left Copenhagen in 1914 to go to Chicago, and settled in the Midwest.
In 1925 Hansen relocated to Pasadena, where he became a highly regarded portraitist and instructor in regional art institutions. His wide circle of friends included the painters Ben Berlin and Frode Dann, and the brilliant poet and art critic Sadikichi Hartmann. Hansen created a series of piercing yet sympathetic portraits of Hartmann, who was a long-time mentor and friend to the artist, and of others in his circle as well.

Jorgen Hansen

1922 – 2008, Santa Barbara

Jorgen Hansen, 85, concluded a lifelong career in art when he passed away on February 24, in his 47th year of teaching. Born in Chicago, and the son of noted Danish expressionist portrait painter Ejnar Hansen, Jorgen had his first one-person show at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel at the age of 12. He served as a navigator/bombardier in WWII, before attending the Department of Architecture at UC Berkeley, the Jepson Art Institute, and the USC School of Fine Arts. After studying in Paris at L’Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and in Mexico, where he taught at Mexico City College, Hansen completed his degree in fine arts at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He taught at Ventura College, served as the educational curator of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and participated in group shows in Paris, Mexico City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Pasadena. Since 1978, he taught Figure Drawing in the Santa Barbara Adult Education program, where he built a devoted following. “I encourage students to view art, not as a way of earning a living,” he remarked in a 2005 interview, “but as a process of self-discovery that comes together as a symbolic product, a personal resolution of conflicts.” Hansen is survived by two sons, Soren Hansen and Leif Hansen, and two grandchildren.

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