Emilio Lanzi: Cloud Enshrined P1271 SOLD

Emilio Lanzi: Quite the representation of American West at its most grand: In the Cloud Enshrined, there’s the far off butte, the local tree. Color tells us it’s autumn of the year, about to get lonely on the range. 42w x 34h, Framed 44.5 x 37. Oil on canvas.


Emilio Lanzi, also known as Ernest Emil Lanz: noted for his California and Arizona Desert scenes, marines, still lives, portraits, large group compositions, and mythological and religious subject series.

An internationally known painter, lecturer, writer and teacher; he was born in Bern, Switzerland, studied at the Swiss Art Academy of Bern, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Colorossi, and Academie Julien of Paris, France.  Lanzi took a course in portraiture at the Academy at Munich, Germany, and two years of anatomy at the Sorbonne University of Paris.  By 1931 he had settled in Los Angeles.  During the Depression he was employed at Schenck’s Music House and taught at Keszthelyi Art Academy.  He died in in Los Angeles on May 6, 1965.

He also studied with Robert Fleury, Plinio Colombi, Christopher Baumgartner, etc. and taught at the Keszthelyi Academy of Fine Arts while holding many positions of  responsibility at clubs and societies in the U.S. and abroad.  He was the President-Founder of the Atheneum of Philosophy, Science and Art, and a member of the AAPL, Bohemian Club, Prof. Artists Guild, California Art Club, F.I.A.L., St. Martin, Hermetic Lodge, Gnostic Sc., Phoenix, Es. Phil., Masonic Lodge, and others.