Eugene Maier-Krieg Mexican Bandit Death Portrait (1935) SOLD P437

This powerful study in oils signed by noted German √©migr√© sculptor Eugene Maier-Krieg (1897-1986) and dated 1935 appears to be a copy of a photograph of a kind once often taken of outlaws: right after they had been killed, as proof of their demise (notice the rope, and the closed eyes). Of Maier-Krieg, the fabled Los Angeles art patron and instigator Merle Armitage wrote in a monograph on his work,“To encounter competence and authority is heartening. And when these qualities are wedded to esthetic honesty and creative imagination, we have, occasionally, a Maier-Krieg.” -Merle Armitage.

Framed 36 1/2″ x 31″.

Call for pricing.

Maier-Krieg was a student of Karl Diebele in Stuttgart before emigrating to the United States and Los Angeles where, besides finding employment in the movie studios, he found himself one of the group of artists and architects that can be considered the founders of Los Angeles Modernism, “Richard Neutra’s Mod Squad”, as it has subsequently been called, supplying sculptures and bas reliefs to a range of parks and buildings in the Southland, a few, too few, of which still can be seen. This is a true rarity.

Signed by the artist and dated. Unframed. Oil on canvas. 25″ x 35″. Price on request.