Fantasia Yellow, Cream & Blue Salad Plate M554

Fantasia yellow, cream & blue salad plate with an antelope. Priced $95.
A Brief History of Touristware

As it turns out, Mexican popular art was extremely popular in the 20′s and 30′s in the United States. There were major Mexican art exhibits in Los Angeles and New York during that time, and there was a traveling exhibit that began at the Met in New York City and traveled to thirteen cities before it ended in September 1931. Also back then, a lot of major stores, including Macy’s in New York, imported Mexican art and sold them to the American public. More and more people became interested in Mexican art and started traveling, by car and plane, to Mexico during this time, spurring production to meet demand. Today, Mexican art is still popular and it is important to support the artists making work in modern times. But as a collector, it is also a challenge and incredibly rewarding to find older pieces that survive from earlier times.

The strange fact is that you probably won’t find tons of old touristware here in Mexico, because it was created for, well… tourists! Therefore, the vast majority of pieces ended up in the United States, Canada and Europe. Still, with persistence and patience, you can also find some lovely pieces in Merida and in other parts of Mexico.

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