Franz Rederer View of 74th St Manhattan 1944 New York P1109

This is a stunner. If you’re a New Yorker, it breaks your heart. If you’re not, you are one now. A perfect capture of a place, a time, a light.

Canvas  39″ x 41″, Frame 43″ x 45″ Exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco in 1944, Exhibit tags attached.

Price on request.

Born in Zürich, Switzerland on Nov. 7, 1899. Rederer was a self-taught artist and a world traveler. From being at the center of the world of culture as Europe headed towards another World War, he became an exile, his fame forgotten, his talent undimmed. During the 1930s he was professor of art at the university in Caracas, Venezuela. With the advent of WWII, he appears to have moved to the San Francisco Bay area into a studio home in Berkeley. He was active in the local art scene into the 1950s. Rederer died in Zürich in August 1965. Primarily a portraitist, he also painted nudes, still lifes, and florals in watercolor and oil.

Exh: Caracas, 1940 (prize); AIC, 1940, 1942; CGA, 1941; Boston Museum, 1941; De Young Museum, 1944; Library of Congress, 1944; Carnegie Inst., 1944; CPLH, 1946 (medal). In: Santa Barbara Museum; De Young Museum; Stockholm Nat’l Museum; Seattle Museum; Caracas Museum; SFMA.