French Patriotic WWI Poster “Standing in the trenches…” Jean Droit LA13

“… lit by the dawn’s light, a soldier dreams of victory, and of his home, so he can make sure of the one, and return to the other. Subscribe!”

The young Lieutenant Jean Droit, as he then was, contributed many drawings from the front where he distinguished himself in combat, as well as designing some of the most memorable patriotic posters of the First World War. A noted writer as well as a respected soldier, Droit developed into a very fine artist. Politically of the right, but also on the right side of history, his record in World War II and during the difficult years of the occupation, while not free of that period’s terrible ambiguities, was equally praiseworthy in the long run. His was a life of incident and many chapters.

This terrific example of his work was conceived to encourage France’s version of War Bonds as the country’s means of self-financing the war.

31 1/4″ x 44 1/2″. Mounted on canvas a while ago, has incurred some damage to its edges since (see photos). Rare and fragile.

Price on request.