French Poster WWI Aftermath: Fund-raising Appeal to Rebuild Churches signed (Mario) Tauzin 1928 AP383 SOLD

Stark and arresting, this poster’s symbolism is unmistakeable, and proved to be utterly persuasive:

It became clear in the aftermath of the Great War that religious structures represented a large part of the French national architectural heritage and that there was a strong interest in all localities in rebuilding and repairing those structures that had suffered neglect and damage, war-related or otherwise. Since 1905 those structures had belonged to the communes not the church thus making them national cultural property rather than specifically religious structures owned by a religious body. Hence this civic appeal, in the form of successive subscription drives, “guaranteed by the state” and launched in 1928. By 1932 most of the structures had been repaired, restored or entirely rebuilt, 1938 marking the final completion of the project.


Signed Tauzin. This is most probably the French erotic artist Mario Tauzin (1909-1979), which would certainly make this one for the books.

Mario Tauzin was a French painter, illustrator and print maker. An inveterate night-hawk, instigator and ring-leader of Montparnasse shenanigans, he had countless friends. But very few of them, and among them were many sculptors and painters, knew anything about most of his work, which he guarded jealously, keeping it to himself. Appreciated for his poster designs, he nonetheless only bothered to sign one in ten of them. Anything to avoid the complications and heavy obligations of fame. He has become celebrated for his exquisite erotic drawings published in the 1930s.