Frode Nielsen Dann Downtown LA Neighborhood Streets 1927 SOLD P602

There is a mood, a melancholy, to downtown Los Angeles that, when captured, always makes for a special painting. And here we have one from Frode Nielsen Dann. An afternoon in 1927. Very little has changed, even now.: the sweet sadness, the proud shabbiness of the left behind.

Born in Jelstrup, Havbro, Denmark, Frode Dann (1892-1984) was a painter, art critic, and teacher in Southern California. He studied at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and worked there for ten years in art restoration. In 1926, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Pasadena and Santa Barbara. He married fellow Dane and painter Kirsten Kjaer in 1918.  The couple came to the U.S. and lived in Oakland during 1926-29, but soon separated.  While there, she painted portraits and landscapes of northern California before returning to Copenhagen. He stayed and settled in Santa Barbara and Pasadena, marrying the painter Katherine Skeele in 1946. Together they founded the Pasadena School of Fine Arts where he was director and both taught. He was a member of the California Watercolor Society. He was the author of Spring and Summer In Denmark (Diary In Pen And Ink).

19″ x 23″

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