Georges Clairin Self-Portrait In Costume c 1875 SOLD P1347

Clearly a self-portrait of the ultra-fashionable, formidably gifted and dashingly handsome painter Georges Clairin, this fabulous portrait is definitely a work of self-admiration. And judging by his photographs, the admiration is not misplaced or inappropriate in the least. A healthy sense of self-worth and joy in his animal body is what is conveyed. This is masculine display at its finest and funnest. And it’s a terrific painting.

In superb shape, freshly backed, new stretchers, framed 37 1/4″ x 54″, canvass 31″ x 49 1/4″.

Georges Jules Victor Clairin (11 September 1843, Paris – Pouldu, Clohars-Carnoët 2 September 1919) was a French Oriental painter and illustrator. He was influenced by oriental painting and Moorish architecture, and visited North Africa many times, in particular Morocco and Egypt. In Paris he led the life of a socialite, and befriended the glamorous actress Sarah Bernhardt, his friend for 50 years, and is today best known for his ‘in costume’ and informal intimate portraits of her.

Georges Clairin

Clairin was apprenticed in the workshops of Isidore Pils and François-Édouard Picot. In 1861 he entered the École des beaux-arts de Paris, and in 1866 first displayed his work. He travelled to Spain with Henri Regnault and to Italy with François Flameng and Jean-Léon Gérôme. He met the Catalan painter Marià Fortuny in Morocco and they visited Tétouan together. In 1895, he travelled to Egypt with the composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

He is best known for his portraits of Sarah Bernhardt, with whom he had a long friendship and whom he depicted in costume for a number of her roles, includingh as the queen in Ruy Blas (1879), Mélisande in La Princesse Lointaine (1895 and 1899), Cleopatra (1900), Theodora (1902) and Saint Teresa of Ávila; he also showed her in less formal poses. Clairin painted many ceilings, among them the foyers of the Opéra Garnier (1874) and the Le Trident, the theatre of Cherbourg.

He was the uncle of the painter Pierre-Eugène Clairin.

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