Golden Age of Hollywood Sword Fighting Protective Armor 1930s A1066

So, while watching the truly incredible duels between Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn in their 30s and 40s vehicles, or the thousands going at each other during the pitched battles of the Roman spectacles of the 50s, did we ever wonder how people didn’t die with those sharp pointy untipped swords going at them? Of course not. Was there ever anything written about that in the stars’ biographies? Don’t be silly. So when this astonishing piece of equipment came into the store it took us a long time to guess where it came from and what it was for. Until we looked at the straps and saw they belonged to the manufacture of 1930s sporting goods. It all fell into place. This was worn UNDER a costume, articulated to move with the actor. So this is what makes sense to us. We ARE in Hollywood after all. And it’s magic. Because the movies.

15″ x 23″ x 13″.

Price on request.