Graziella Jacoby Portrait of Victor Daniels, Chief Thundercloud 1930s P607

A beautiful drawing of a beautiful man, Victor Daniels, Chief Thundercloud, the first Tonto, who is therefore forever immortal in the hearts of the now aged children who watched him up on the screen in those first two serials. Rendered in assured strokes of the pencil and heightened with colored pencil and pastel, this portrait shows the hand of a true artist, and more than a little of the influence of her teacher, the incomparable art nouveau stylist, Alphonse Mucha.

Born in Illinois on August 12, 1885, Graziella Jacoby worked in Chicago during 1908-27. While there, she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and continued with Mucha in Czechoslovakia and with Bellows in New York City. Upon moving to southern California in 1928, she settled in Pasadena and became active in the local art scene. During the 1940s she gave art lessons to servicemen at Pasadena’s Hospitality House. Never married, she died in Pasadena on July 20, 1980.

Exh: Gaylord Salon (LA), 1928; Artists Fiesta (LA),1931; Biltmore Salon (LA); Hatfield Gallery (LA).

Chief Thundercloud, (born Victor Daniels, April 12, 1899 – December 1, 1955) was an American character actor in westerns. Information about Thundercloud is vague. Most biographies state that he was a full blooded Cherokee (or Muskogee), although others state that he had some German, Scottish and/or Irish ancestors; and that he was educated at the University of Arizona, although no record exists of his enrollment. The pressbook for The Lone Ranger Rides Again announced his parents as “Dark Cloud and Morning Star, artistocrats of the Muskogee tribe” but his death certificate lists his father as “Joseph Mahawa.” Daniels worked many jobs before becoming a stuntman. From there he graduated to character actor status. His title “Chief” was a Hollywood invention. He had the title role in Geronimo (1939) and played Tonto in both Republic Lone Ranger serials, The Lone Ranger (1938) and The Lone Ranger Rides Again (1939). In later years, he worked with other western actors, performing in live shows at the Corriganville Ranch.

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