Hector Aguilar Copper and Rosewood Creamer 1939-40 M493

A match to the copper sugar bowl listed as M491, it shares its purity of line, and carved rosewood handles. There is nothing to match Hector Aguilar’s work. Marked.

Price on request.

Hector Aguilar – Hector Aguilar started out his incredible career as a designer, silversmith and shop owner by first apprenticing with William Spratling at Las Delicias in 1937.  Taxco was a traditional site of silver mines, but had no native silverworking industry. Spratling, having moved there, began designing works in silver based primarily on pre-Columbian and traditional motifs, and hired local goldsmiths to produce those designs in Taxco. As the reputation for Spratling’s silver designs grew, he expanded his operation, and began an apprenticeship program for others interested in designing in silver, many of whom continued to work in the Taxco area—with Spratling’s support—once their apprenticeship was over.  By 1939, Hector Aguilar had opened Taller Borda, taking several of Spratling’s finest silversmiths with him.  Aguilar’s jewelry lines were inspired by Aztec and Mixtec art and architecture.  All of Hector Aguilar’s work is highly collectible and actively sought by Mexican Silver enthusiasts.