Henry Thees – 1924 California Landscape SOLD P502

Absolutely dreamy landscape by the artist Henry Thees. Marries a poetic lyricism to a strong graphic sensibility. European in style, but clearly an American subject.

Henry Thees was born in Hamburg, Germany on Aug. 12, 1882.  We do believe from the look of the painting that he was already in California by 1924 and that he painted it here. Thees is known to have settled in Los Angeles in 1927. He was active there as an artist until his demise on Nov. 4, 1942. Member: Painters & Sculptors of LA. He is the co-artist of two spectacular murals: one at the the vanished Cabrillo Club (LA) and one that can still be seen at the Santa Barbara Court House (both done with Artno Parsons).


The Painters and Sculptors Club of Los Angeles was an organization of male artists modeled after the Salamagundi Club of New York and the Palette and Chisel Club of Chicago. The first meeting was held in 1923 and the group was incorporated in 1927.  Some of the most prominent male artists working in Los Angeles were members, such as, Joseph Kleitsch, John Cotton, F. Grayson Sayre, Leland Curtis, A. Phimister Proctor, Dana Bartlett, Franz Bischoff, Merrell Gage, Roger Nobel Burnham, Joseph Greenbaum, Edouard Vysekal, Christian von Schneidau, Alson Clark, John Frost, Edgar Payne, Paul Sample, Arthur Beaumont, and Norman Chamberlain.

Original frame. Off to the left of the lower road there is one repair.