Hillside Pottery four handled Stove Pipe Vessel CA317 SOLD

Hillside Pottery four handled stove pipe vessel, with earth-tone and black tiles by the Famous California Tiles houses of Malibu and Batchelder. This monumental piece of Hillside was made during the heyday of California Tiles and pottery. 1929-1935. They were all made from a specific blend of Ground Granite and other rocks to make a very distinct and strong cement for there artists to create all sorts of different shapes and forms. The Stove pipe and handled pieces are the rarest.. This piece combines the best of both in a truly unique shape. Condition is excellent considering its age.. One handle to the back is missing and a few of the small matte finish tiles have lost there face glaze. No chips or cracks. Unique and one of a kind. Vessel measures 25″ tall x 20″ diameter.

Price on request