Irv Wyner Backstage Drama Illustration Oil on Board 1930s SOLD P1081

Polly of the Follies got her jollies in strange ways:

At night she did her shows but who knew about her days?

And what about that clown who hung around her all the time?

It didn’t smell like romance. It smelled worse. It stank of crime.

Polly kept her secrets, but her looks were dynamite:

Manfred the Magician fingered Polly out of spite.

Illusionists should never have illusions but he did-

Until he didn’t and decided he would blow the lid.

The cops they came a calling ‘tween the first and second acts.

They got nowhere with Polly. No one did, them are the facts.

She deftly shut the open drawer as she looked ‘em in the eyes,

“It’s time for my next number. DON’T come back and see me, guys.”

Price on request.

We are huge fans of Irv Wyner’s work. One of the giants of cartoon background art  in the golden age of animation under Chuck Jones, he got his start back east in the late thirties as an illustrator. This rocks.