J. & P. Coats Spool Cotton Wooden Case F1406

Six drawer wooden case from J. & P. Coats Spool Cotton. 19th Century, beautiful carving on drawers and front of case. 26x x 19d x 22h. Insignia in center of spool says “200 yds. 50 Best Six Cord”.

Price on request.

Coats originally started in Scotland by the Clark Brothers in the 1700s.

Clark’s thread became popular with the women of America after it was introduced by British sailors. So the Coats and Clark firms sent members of their families to the US to act as selling agents. Both companies began to successfully export their products until difficulties with high tariffs were caused by the American Civil War in the 1860’s. As a result, plans were made to manufacture threads in North America instead.

The Clark Thread Company opened its first plant in Newark, New Jersey in 1866. Similarly, J & P Coats started production in Pawtucket, Rhode Island around the same time. Later, in 1896, both companies merged but retained their respective trading names.

Although J & P Coats and The Clark Thread Company were trading independently, The Spool Cotton Company was the sole selling agent for all brands. In 1931 a single president for both companies was elected in John B. Clark. Then in 1952, they were finally integrated into Coats & Clark Inc.