James Walter Collinge Photograph “Wine? Or Dance?” 1920s P671

A superb genre photograph by one of California’s great pioneering fine arts photographers.

Framed 23 1/2″ x 22″. Signed.

James Walter Collinge

b. Glendive, Montana 1883 d. Santa Barbara, California 1964

J. Walter Collinge, Santa Barbara’s master photographer of the early 1900’s, captured the spirit and natural beauty of the region and its people in his exquisite collection of black and white photographs. Recognized by the Smithsonian Museum for his artistry, his body of work provides a rare glimpse into the heritage of the city, and the work of its most notable artists, architects and society leaders. The leading-edge artists of the time were J. Walter’s most prolific inspiration. He extensively photographed the Ruth St. Denis dancers, including Ruth St. Denis herself. J. Walter’s single most famous photograph, the “Fairy Ring” with Ruth St. Denis dancer Doris Humphrey, gained international fame. Through their operation of several photography studios in now-historic locations within Santa Barbara, J. Walter and his wife were the leaders of the area’s photography movement for several decades. J. Walter’s legacy is secured by the artistry he employed to capture the feeling of the area’s people and places that make up Santa Barbara’s heritage.

J. Walter’s work was extensively exhibited at both national and international shows and exemplifies the romantic images of the Pictorialist Movement in America during the era. His photographs have been displayed at the U.S. National Museum, the 1930 Exhibition of American Pictorial Photography, and the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain 1934 among others.

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