John Breneiser California Landscape 1930s P845

Terrific small painting. A glory. One can’t help recalling the great breakthroughs in French painting, Impressionist, Post-impressionist and Fauviste, as one traces the development of the California School half a world away.  Artwork 14 x 20, with frame 18 1/2 x 22.5″.

Price on request.

 John Day Breneiser  (1905 – 1981)      

Born in Youngstown, OH on May 2, 1905. Breneiser studied at the University of Oregon. During the 1930s he was an art teacher at Santa Maria (CA) High School and Jr. College. His illustrations appeared in Christian Monitor and other publications. The adopted son of Stanley and Elizabeth Breneiser, he died in Los Angeles on Oct. 2, 1981. Member: Santa Barbara AA. Exh: Stendahl Gallery (LA), 1934; GGIE, 1939. In: Santa Maria Jr College.