John Earle Coolidge “Valley Floor” 1927 SOLD P638

This beautiful mid-career work, one of a pair (the other is P639), shows Coolidge at his most characteristic best: loose impressionistic brush work married to a strong almost graphic sense of design and composition and a fluid and expressive line.

Framed 14.5″ x 18.5″

John Coolidge (1882-1947) Student of William Merritt Chase, Thomas Anschutz,  Cecilia Beaux and J. Francis Smith. This lineage shows very clearly in his work: meticulous, even arduous, study and practice resulting in a fluent, very present, style, all effort concealed. One of the most acute early discoverers and uncoverers of the California landscape.

Moved to L.A. in 1909 and taught at Otis. Coolidge first appears with the CAC in their Spring 1918 Exhibit. CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibition (1918). (Exh. with the CAC 1918, 1921-28, 1930-31, 1933-35, 1937-38.) (H) (M) (B, Oct. 1947 mentions his passing).

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