Jorge B. Murillo Watercolor: Xochimilco, the Floating Gardens P721

One of the most magical environments in Mexico is the system of lakes and canals that are all that remain of the Aztecs’ astonishing feat of engineering and agricultural innovation around their ancient capital. A truly charming scene dear to the Mexican soul. Note the  flowers in the little boats being harvested and taken to market in Mexico City.

The lacustrine landscape of Xochimilco constitutes the only reminder of traditional ground occupation in the lagoons of the Mexico City basin before the Spanish conquest. On the edge of the residual lake of Xochimilco (the southern arm of the great dried-up lake of Texcoco where the Aztecs had settled on a group of islets linked to solid ground by footbridges), and in the midst of a network of small canals, are still some chinampas, the floating gardens that the Spanish so admired. This half-natural, half-artificial landscape is now an ‘ecological reserve’. Art measures  27″ x 31″.

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