José-Maria Cundin [1938 – ] Gouache P396

Born in Getxo, Euskadi (Spain) in 1938, José-Maria Cundin’s professional trajectory spans more than a half century. Esteemed as an outstanding advocate of the historic Avant-Garde in his native Basque Country, his first one-man show was in Bogota, Colombia, where he lived during the ’50s and created wide-ranging projects.Cundin established residence in the United States in 1958 in New York, before settling in New Orleans in 1964. He also worked in Paris and Bruges, Belgium. In the ‘70’s he spent long periods working and teaching in Mexico. Presently he resides in Folsom, Louisiana.

His ongoing projects include THE OBELISTIC PRESENCES, an exhaustive visual metaphorical narrative using as the actor and conveyor, the Obelisk.

Gouache on cardboard of a priest flying an angel like a kite, with perhaps a monastery or church in the background, c.1960. Artwork measures 7 1/2″ x 20″.

Gouache on cardboard of a man drawing his sword, causing his drawers to fall c.1960. Artwork measures 7″ x 10 1/2″.

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