Jose Sabogal Dieguez Wood Block Print: Cobblestone Street Under Stars, Peru (1925) SOLD P098

Signed Jose Sabogal (more commonly known as Jose Sabogal Dieguez )1925, black and white. This is a vigorous, graphic work with more than a touch of poetry. From the hand of a master. Artwork measures¬†Framed 14″ x 17.5″.

Jose Sabogal Dieguez (1888-1956): notable Peruvian painter and print maker and muralist, militant indigenist and aesthetic nationalist, creator of the movement called “Indigenous” which brought together a group of artists committed to their Andean and Quechua roots and to the creation of a national pictorial art in the 1920s and led it for thirty years. Contact with Rivera and Orozco and Siqueiros in Mexico in 1922 further committed him to his vision of the Peruvian School of painting. Joining the faculty of the National School of Fine Arts and later becoming its director he taught until 1943, forming the next generation of Peruvian artists: Vinatea Reinoso, Camilo Blas, Julia Codesido,Enrique Camino Brent, Teresa Carvalho and many others.