Joshua Lawrence Meador [1911 – 1965] “Village on a Rainy Day” P486

Born in Greenwood, Mississippi, Joshua Meador became a painter and animator in California.  He graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 1935 moved to California where until the 1960s, he lived in La Crescenta, and then moved to the small town of Casper in Northern California. This painting almost certainly depicts the place.  He died there on August 24, 1964 from a massive heart attack caused by childhood congenital problems.

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Purchased by Walt Disney and exhibited at Disneyland, this is untrue.  Disney had purchased the paintings only while the artist was living, and Disney’s collection of Meador paintings consisted of about 50 paintings, which were and are displayed at the various homes of Disney’s heirs.  Recently about 16 of these canvases were returned by the Disney family to the family of the artist and were paintings that had hung at Meador’s Palm Springs home at the Smoke Tree Ranch.” (Philip Meador)

“Village on a Rainy Day”. Frame measures 36 x 33, canvas 20 x 27.

Josh Meador was the visual effects supervisor for some of Walt Disney’s most memorable films including Bambi, Fantasia, Cinderella and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. He is an animation legend.