Juan Duran Tinoco Painting on Wood SOLD P600

Super RARE double signed, and numbered (17) Juan Tinoco painting of a man and his horse riding off a cliff.

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Juan Duran Tinoco has earned a reputation as a decorative painter of Monterey and Monterey style furniture. In his early 20’s, Juan was hired by the Mason Manufacturing Company of Los Angeles, makers of Monterey furniture (1928-1938), to create hand-painted artwork on many of their pieces. Because of the popularity of this line of furniture at Barker Bros., Juan was asked to do more and more painting, which helped him master his signature style, a style that was hugely popular at the time. His humorous depiction of Mexican life, generally seen through the eyes of one rather innocent cartoon Mexican man, became an almost instant classic. His images at the time could be seen on furniture, paintings, lampshades, postcards, menus, adverts and a whole host of other marketing ephemera.

Juan died in relative obscurity, never knowing the zeal with which the early Monterey collectors (circa 1980) collected his work. Part of the problem is that no one knew his name. Early collectors settled on “Juan Intenoche,” as a translation of his famous signature. It wasn’t until about 2008 when collectors finally agreed on a solution of Tinocho puzzle after discovering his real name and family origin.

Today his artwork can sell into the thousands of dollars. The largest known public sale happening in November of 2007 at an auction house in Detroit, where four of his paintings sold as a lot for almost $35,000.

Created by: Kevin Thomas West