Navajo Rug A336

Navajo Rug, great natural patina. 1920s-30s. Rug measures 34″w x 63″long.

Price on request.

Navajo Rug A335

Navajo diamond rug, gorgeous colors, 1920s-30s. Measures 36″w x 66″ long.

Price on request.

Spanish Revival-style Folk Art Sideboard F1080

One of a kind piece. California country sideboard from an Ojai cabin. Solid pine, extremely interesting backsplash with a “New Mexico” feel to the “comb.” Sideboard has all original hardware, spacious center area for platter storage and display, etc. It’s ready to use as is or to be refinished. Measures 54″w, 39″ to top of comb backsplash, 18″d.

Price on request.

Monterey Dining Chairs, set of 6 F1079

Rare and really interesting, six Monterey transitional period (1931-33) dark smokey maple dining chairs. Two captain’s chairs and four side chairs. Need reupholstering – all awaiting your choice of seat covering! Chairs measure 36″h, 18″w and 17″d.

Price on request.

Monterey Classic Dining Table F1078

Classic Monterey dining table, top refinished, all else is original, including the red crackle finish accent with the river of life design. Gorgeous. Table measures 61.5″w x 30″h x 39″d.

Price on request.

Spanish Colonial Dining Trestle Table F1077

This table is simply stunning. Any and all superlatives deserved. 19th Century Spanish Colonial, refinished top. Could be a small dining table, a big kitchen table, a library table — let your imagination run with it. Table measures 71″w, 31″h, 32.5″d.

Price on request.

Spanish Revival Console Table F1076

Beautiful Spanish Revival walnut console table with two drawers. Refinished top. Original drawer pulls have a great patina. Table measures 42″w x 32″h x 15.5″d.

Price on request.

Del Rey Console Table F1076a

Fabulously crafted Monterey-style Del Rey console table. Solid mahogany. Absolutely glorious, deep rich brown refinished top. Table measures 48″w x 30″h x 20″d.

Price on request.

Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Tom Mix” P928

Roger LaManna illustration: Tom Mix saves a very surprised-looking lady on Main Street; she’s blonde, of course. Perhaps the girl at the saloon, perhaps just another reliable shopgirl, though one with a nice rack. Can’t help but love the “mix” of old west imagery with ’60s décolletage. Whatever happens, we know Tom will make sure they both live to see another cover.

Gouache on board, 13.5″w x 15.5″h with frame, image 8″w x 9.5″h

Price on request.

Roger LaManna Pulp Cover “Old West Fight” P927

Roger LaManna illustration: Blond white man with ripped shirt vs. Native American with headband and tomahawk! In the background, our blonde bombshell (in her bikini top) cowers. Could it be more politically incorrect? Probably cover art. We love it. Very 1960s.

Gouache on board, 16.5″w x 19″h with frame, image 9″w x 11″h.

Price on request.

Roger LaManna Jeff Chandler Pulp Cover “Apache Pass” P926

Striking depiction of prolific actor Jeff Chandler in one of his many Western roles, here likely as Cochise in “The Battle at Apache Pass” (1952). Mythic, in a cloud, his warriors following, all set against an orange sky, signaling what, exactly? Blood, perhaps; fire, maybe — or is it merely the color of the battle canyon wall?

Gouache on board. 13″w x 16″h with frame, image is 9″x x 12″h.

Price on request.

Bio of the artist:

Born in 1924, Roger LaManna studied watercolor painting with Charles Giles at Florida Southern College. He continued his formal art training in New York at the Parsons School of Design, and the Art Students League. His painted watercolors for General Electric, Seagram 7, and Raytheon. His illustrations appeared as cover art for magazines including Sports Review, Screen Legends, Sound Stage, and Real Magazine. LaManna was an illustrator for Bantam Books and did motion picture illustrations for Warner Brothers. He was Professor of Drawing at Brandes Art Institute, and Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.  –  adapted with information from lesli art/

Catalina Island Nine-Tile Table C292

Wow. A truly special table, 9 gorgeous Catalina tiles (geometric and field tiles) surrounded by an extremely rare pink terrazzo frame. This one dates from the early 30s, and used to reside at the Smoketree Ranch in Palm Springs. All resting on a great wrought iron base. Measures 23″ square x 25″ h.

Price on request.

Hillside Oil Jar CA378

Classic Hillside Oil Jar — which someone filled with concrete many years ago. Totally perfect for use as a pedestal or stand, in addition to its use as an oil jar. 23.5″h x 11″ top diameter.

Price on request.

Will Rogers-Style Imperial Desk F1075

We all said the same thing: wow! With its hand hammered iron fittings (those terrific handles on the sides), EIGHT drawers (including a file drawer), it measures an extremely generous 34″ deep, 66″ wide, and 31 1/2″ high with the addition we made of 8 removable wooden feet. In a classic “Old Wood” finish. We won’t disagree with you if you want to call it the ultimate desk.

Price on request.

Imperial Old Wood Bookcase F1074

At 10 1/2″ deep, 36 1/4″ wide and 62″ high this beauty will hold up to 4 3/4 yards of books, as these things are reckoned. A better free-standing bookcase may never have been designed.

Price on request.

Spanish Colonial Catalonian 17th Century Presentation Chest F1073

Beautifully carved Catalonian chest in black walnut, it becomes even more spectacular when opened, the interior side of the lid has the most beautiful carvings of all. A balance of simplicity and decoration lends it a somber richness without sacrificing the essential austerity of the style.

23″ deep, 58″ wide, 26 3/4 high.

Price on request.

Spanish Colonial set of 6 Kitchen/Dining Chairs F1072

Substantial, rustic and elegant, homey and grand, these would be wonderful around a family table. Newly re-upholstered in woven straw. 1920s. Each chair 43″h, 16.5″w x 16″d.

Price on request.

Bauer Orange Glazed Indian Pot B651

The Bauer Indian Pot: utterly iconic, the perfect marriage of deco and ethnic, glazed or as simple red ware. This one is a delicious pop of orange. 10″ diameter, 6″ high.

Price on request.

Bauer Ringware Pots Dark Green Pair B650

Nothing more elegant or zing-ier for a garden, terrace, porch , patio, or sunroom. The essence of a period, and timelessly Californian. And a pair!… well! you can see the possibilities. 10.5 h x 12″ diameter.

Price on request.

Deco Lily of the Valley Etched Mirrored Boudoir Radio A334

A delicious little number, missing perhaps only one decorative screw, that would have fit right into one of those thirties dream bedrooms, or at least have conjured up the fantasy of of one for the lady of the house when she retired to cream her face and brush her hair and listen to Russ Columbo.

8.5″ high, 12.5″ wide and 7.5″ deep.

Price on request.

Resistol Cowboy Hat Box 1950s A333

Written on the box is “Jack White Straw Hat” which seems to have been amended to Myrtle and is confirmed in larger letters on the other side “Myrtle White”. Also noted is the price perhaps, “3.50″. Judging from the design of the box and its imagery, this would have been some kind of a cowboy number, though Resistol made all styles. Now, whether this held a white hat, or whether it and its hat belonged to the White family, is anybody’s guess.

Price on request.

Resistol Hats is a Garland, Texas, United States-based manufacturer of premium hats, many of which have been worn by or given to notable figures around the world. The company is best known as a maker of cowboy hats. The company has long been an important part of Garland’s manufacturing base.

“If you are among those behatted hordes and live in Texas, chances are yours is a Resistol,” wrote Peter Applebome in Texas Monthly. ”Based in Garland, Resistol sells about a million cowboy hats a year, ranging in price from $15 for a straw workingman’s special to $3000 for a beaver-and-ermine number. The cowboy hat may be the single most resonant throwback to the glory days of the open range, the one thing that most says “Texas” to the rest of the world.”

The company was founded by E.R. Byer and Harry Rolnick, who established Byer-Rolnick in Dallas, Texas in 1927. At the time, the company produced men’s felt hats. The company used the name “Resistol Hats,” used to indicate that the hats could “resist-all” weather conditions. Some accounts contend the name was given because the headbands in the company’s hats were more resistant to scalp oil.

The growing firm needed to expand. In 1938, it moved to a larger facility in Garland, Texas, where Resistol hats continue to be manufactured today. For decades, residents surrounding the hat factory could set their clocks to its whistle.

Among the celebrities who have worn a Resistol are actors John Wayne and Henry Fonda; United States Presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and Ronald Reagan; the Dallas Cowboys’s legendary coach Tom Landry, who wore the company’s trademark dress hats. Also, the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers wear Resistol hats as part of their uniform. These are made in a custom color called Textan.

In the Johnson administration, gifts of Western-style hats were a diplomatic gesture.

Riding on the cowboy craze of the late 1970s, “Resistol put its factories on 24-hour shifts, and its business doubled in three years. But booms do have a tendency to go bust, and by 1982 the cowboy hat had become last year’s Nehru jacket,” according to Applebome. The company is reportedly well diversified and makes a wide array of hat types, including safari and baseball styles.

In 1968, clothing company Koret of California bought Byer-Rolnick; Koret was bought by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1979. In 1985, Levi sold the Resistol brand to businessman Irving Joel. Since 2009, Pro Equine Group has owned Resistol.

Pepsi Bottle Cap Sign 1950s A332

Something about the 3-D effect in this wonderful article of soda-pop signage is just so deeply satisfying. It shows how brilliant the industrial designers of 20th Century America were. Not content to merely create a giant replica of the bottle cap, they have created a false perspective, subtle and almost imperceptible. Brings it to life. Gladdens the eye. Makes you want to put a nickel in the cooler and dig out a cold one. Which is the whole point.

Marked M-1-751 Made in USA on the bottom edge. 32″ diameter.

Price on request.

D & M Tile Drink Stand Tavern Scene CA376

You get the picture. Yes, it’s you, outside the coaching inn, drinking with a friend in your Victorian top-hats. A little added make-believe for your own garden, cool in the shade. The tile and its table are utterly charming. 19.5″h x 9″ square tile.

Price on request.

D & M Tile Drink Stand Galleon Motif CA375

Mix your drink, put it down on this beauty, sink into your chair, and sail away… 28.5″ h x 9″ sq. tile.

Price on request.