Gladding McBean Galleon Ship Tile top Plaque W003

Gladding Mc Bean may be the least revered of all the tile companies only because they made so many of everything. Buildings, Oil Jars, Tile Installations and even sewer pipe. But Rare is rare and this scenic Galleon ship is rare to find. near mint condition. 6×6 tiles set in the original table top. Table legs have been removed . Turned into a wall mount.

price on request

Malibu Round tile top table wall Plaque W002

Mint Malibu Tiles don’t come along very often and this tile plaque is a beauty. 17.5 ” diameter. 14 tiles make up this Malibu tile table top. Expertly mounted in a deep wrought iron hand forged ring. Could be enjoyed on the wall or made into an occasional table.

D&M Galleon Tile Plaque W001

Theres nothing like D&M spanish style California made tiles from the 1920′s. This one depicting a Sailing ship has been expertly mounted in a wrought iron surround by its former fastidious owner. No Chips, Cracks or repairs.

price on request

Monumental Mexican Burnished Vase M736

Gorgeous and monumental Mexican burnished vase showing two beautiful brightly colored peacocks. Vase is 33″ high, about 20″ diameter at its widest.

Price on request.

Yearly Spring Cleaning Parking lot sale March 7th and 8th Yellow tags half price and good till gone.

We are fortunate enough to have found some very amazing finds over the last 5 years.. But sadly we don’t have room to adequately show off all our treasure.. so Most all furniture and lighting thats been in inventory 2 or more years is headed for the half Price warehouse- The Parking lot in fact.

We are having this one weekend parking lot sale. Saturdays the big day starting at 8am to 5 pm. All yellow tags will be half price until sold. As you can see from the pictures we are just showing off the main things but theres more than I could snap in 88 pics!!. Please feel free to call or come by.

Salvador Aztec Brass Pitcher M728

We adore its heft, its solidity, its superbly spherical nature, and, of course, the Aztec motif. A classic of Mexican metal work.

7.5″ high, 9″ wide at the spout and handle.

Price on request.

Pre-Columbian Onyx Mask M729

In a pale, delicately striated green, enclosing areas of grey and a luminous milky white, this beautiful stone provides a wonderful matrix for the powerful face fashioned out of it. A small wonder.

5 1/4″ x 5″ x  2 3/4″

Price on request.

Monterey Set of 6 Leather-backed Humpback Chairs F1239

Very exciting to have this set of six. Wonderful to look at and, more wonderful, very comfortable to sit on. No one will feel like leaving the table.

Price on request.

Monterey Classic Sling Leather Chair F1240

In Straw Ivory, one of Monterey’s most distinctive and understated finishes. This could just be the right chair in the right place at the right time.

Price on request.

Los Castillo Mixed Metal Fish Bowl M730

A breathtakingly simple design intricately wrought from copper solid silver brass and a very alive jade eye. Pretty genius. Los Castillo at the very top of their game.

Price on request.

Los Castillo Set of 3 Bird Trays Mixed Metals M731

A flock of trays. Almost abstract in design yet completely alive and characterized. The mark of these inspired craftsmen’s work is the decorative arts quickened by the imagination.  Silver and brass over copper, lapis eyes.

Price on request

Los Castillo Mixed Metals Ashtray M732

Irresistibly funny with its wide smile revealing its row of perfect gnashes. Copper, brass and silver. So witty and with a lot of presence. It’s almost worth lighting one up to watch the smoke curling out of its smile.

Price on request.

Los Castillo Lapis Bordered Silver Tray M733

This is jewelry for the home. From the unsurpassable craftsmen of Los Castillo.

Price on request.

Franz Rederer View of 74th St Manhattan 1944 P1109

This is a stunner. If you’re a New Yorker, it breaks your heart. If you’re not, you are one now. A perfect capture of a place, a time, a light.

Canvas  39″ x 41″, Frame 43″ x 45″ Exhibited at the De Young Museum in San Francisco in 1944, Exhibit tags attached.

Price on request.

Born in Zürich, Switzerland on Nov. 7, 1899. Rederer was a self-taught artist and a world traveler. From being at the center of the world of culture as Europe headed towards another World War, he became an exile, his fame forgotten, his talent undimmed. During the 1930s he was professor of art at the university in Caracas, Venezuela. With the advent of WWII, he appears to have moved to the San Francisco Bay area into a studio home in Berkeley. He was active in the local art scene into the 1950s. Rederer died in Zürich in August 1965. Primarily a portraitist, he also painted nudes, still lifes, and florals in watercolor and oil.

Exh: Caracas, 1940 (prize); AIC, 1940, 1942; CGA, 1941; Boston Museum, 1941; De Young Museum, 1944; Library of Congress, 1944; Carnegie Inst., 1944; CPLH, 1946 (medal). In: Santa Barbara Museum; De Young Museum; Stockholm Nat’l Museum; Seattle Museum; Caracas Museum; SFMA.

Los Castillo Inlaid Abalone Silver Plate M735

With its floral motif this extraordinary dish presents a pleasing complexity to the eye, subtle, intricate, elegant and joyful. By the premier craftsmen of the Taxco renaissance, the legendary Los Castillo.

Price on request.

Yellow Serape Donkey Pillow M727

So we had all these adorable vintage serapes. And it started to dawn on us that maybe people aren’t wearing many serapes these days. And then we had this good idea. Love ‘em.

Check out the leather back.

Price on request.

Bright Red Serape Donkey Pillow M726

Kick it up a notch with this upcycled  piece of perfection. Leather back.

Price on request.

Blue/Grey Serape Donkey Pillow M725

Utterly diggable. Donkeys are hard workers, and that includes the hard work of interior decorating. Accessorize with a smile.

Price on request.

Tan Serape Donkey Pillow M724

Absolutely adorable, while maintaining impeccable graphic design good manners.

Price on request.

Monterey Old Wood Three-Drawer Ladies Dresser SOLD F1235

Circa 1929, all-original, a perfect honey of a piece. These early ones immediately established the popularity of the line, and you can see why: beautiful lines and utter functionality, and that little drop of fantasy.