Bauer Ringware Glazed Hand-decorated Deco Floral Plate B739

Lovely Bauer Ringware Glazed and hand-decorated Plate, 9 3/8″ diameter.

Price on request.

Bauer Ringware Glazed Hand-decorated Deco Floral Plate B740

Bright and fun, a Bauer ringware hand decorated plate, 9 3/8 in. diameter. No chips, cracks or repairs.

Price on request.

Bauer Ringware Glazed Hand-decorated Deco Floral Plate B741

Handpainted Bauer ringware glazed plate, 9 3/8 in. diameter. No chips, cracks or repairs.

Price on request.

Large Pacific Hostess Ware Pitcher Apache Red CA583a

Great Pacific Hostess Ware Pitcher, Apache red. Killer color! 9″h x 7″ diameter. No chips, cracks or repairs.

Price on request.

Mont St Michel Travel Poster AP546

Gorgeous graphic of Mont St. Michel. Travel poster from 1922, artist is Andre Milaire.  The Chemins de fer de l’État, often referred to in France as the Réseau de l’État, was an early state-owned French railway company. Mounted on cardboard. 27.5 x 40.75

Constant-Duval Villandry Vintage Travel Poster AP550

1923 Constant-Duval poster of Paris-Orleans Railway. Showing Villandry, the Castles of Touraine Motor Coach Tours. Splendid. Mounted on cardboard. Printed in France.

25 x 39.5

The Château de Villandry is a grand country house located in Villandry, in the département of Indre-et-Loire, France. It is especially known for its beautiful gardens.

Price on request.

F. S. May Antwerp Jewels Pageant Travel Poster AP548

From 1923, the Antwerp Festivals Jewels Pageant poster, mounted on cardboard. Artist F.S. May. Belgian State Railway logo on poster.

24 x 39.

Price on request.

Java “The Garden of the East” Railway Poster AP544

Colonial Java Travel Poster. KPM Express Tourist Steamships. Nine local scenes on Java, the “garden of the East” poster.
Mounted on cardboard, 20 x 30.

Price on request

Ivar Gull Visby Sweden Vintage Travel Poster AP549

Swedish Travel Poster, Visby — the town of ruins and roses. Sounds perfect for a visit. Art by Ivar Gull. Printed in Sweden, Mounted on cardboard. 24.5 x 39.

Some edge wear. Please see all photos for condition. Small tear at top middle.

Price on request.

Victoria Falls Travel Poster AP547

Stunning graphic of Victoria Falls, “more than a mile wide in Southern Rhodesia.” Artist W. G. Bevington. Mounted on cardboard. Publisher/printer Cape Times Ltd. 25 x 39.5.

Price on request.

Guatemala Travel Poster AP545

National Festival of Guatemala poster, dated 1937. A Ferris Wheel on a ship sails through a starry night. 23 x 35.

Price on request

Oldsmobile Limited Showroom Display Poster Very Rare c 1910 AP560

Don’t let its slightly battered appearance fool you: this is a true and very rare automotive poster treasure. We have had it cleaned and stabilized and the original linen backing carefully re-backed on new linen. It was designed to be hung framed, mimicking its original oil painting, in Oldsmobile showrooms. The graphic is explosively dynamic as befits the introduction of a ground-breaking automobile. This is the moment when human beings truly fell in love with speed, and with cars. Especially a heart-poundingly exciting beast like the Oldsmobile Limited. And this poster commemorates perhaps the greatest event in the Limited’s history: winning a race against the 20th Century Limited. And the painting this poster immortalizes is Setting the Pace, painted in 1909 by William Hardner Foster.

The 1910 Limited Touring was a high point for the company. Riding atop 42-inch wheels, and equipped with factory “white” tires, the Limited was the prestige model in Oldsmobile’s two model lineup. The Limited retailed for US$4,600, an amount greater than the purchase of a new, no-frills three bedroom house. Buyers received goatskin upholstery, a 60 hp (45 kW) 707 CID (11.6 L) straight-six engine, Bosch Magneto starter, running boards and room for five. Options included a speedometer, clock, and a full glass windshield. A limousine version was priced at $5,800. While Oldsmobile only sold 725 Limiteds in its three years of production, the car is best remembered for winning a race against the famed 20th Century Limited train. In 1926, the Oldsmobile Six came in five body styles, and ushered in a new GM bodystyle platform called the “GM B platform”, shared with Buick products.  Size: 41 h x 31.5 w.

Price on request.

Indonesian Monumental Wooden Carved Head of a Warrior King A1031

Really splendid. 24″ high x 15″ diameter. A knockout focal point in any room.

Price on request.

Pacific Cheese Plate RARE CA587

Rare to still have the round wooden cutting board. A true collector’s piece you will nevertheless want to use again and again. It just works so well. Beauty with brains.  16″ diameter.

Price on request

Bauer Orange Ringware Pitcher B747

Will it be (naturally) orange juice? Or lemonade? Or… flowers?  Perfection is catching.

7″ high and 8″ across.

Price on request.

Bauer Yellow Ringware Pitcher B746

Absolutely classic. Bauer created dinnerware that would literally make your mouth water. No finer way to set a table for breakfast, lunch or supper.  7″ high x 8″ across.

Price on request.

Garden City Carafe Orange CA585

Swoon-worthy design from Garden City Pottery. A swoosh, a swirl and a nod to Streamline. Nifty. 8h x 9w.

Price on request.

Garden City Pottery was founded in 1902 in San Jose, California with an office and manufacturing facility on 560 North Sixth Street. Like many California potteries of that period, their original product lines focused on commercial tile and pipe, sanitary and gardenware products, and by the 1920s, Garden City was the largest pottery in Northern California.


During the 1930s with demand for commercial and residential ceramics in dramatic decline due to the collapse of the real estate market, Garden City was on the verge of bankruptcy. Seeing the success of the Southern California potteries with their colored dinnerware lines, Garden City brought in a designer in the mid-1930s to create new products to compete with those potteries. The designer, Royal Arden Hickman, begin creating new dinnerware lines as well as floral and artware pieces.

In addition to bringing Hickman on board, Garden City recruited Paul Larkin from Pacific Pottery to create a series of glazes for the new lines. Merrill Cowman joined in 1934, and the two of them formulated Garden City’s first set of glazes in yellow, green, blue, orange, cobalt, turquoise, black and white. Pottery was dipped in glazes rather than using a spray process.

Garden City produced five dinnerware patterns in the 1930s: Ring, Plain, Diamond, Swirl and Geometric. Compared to other dinnerware manufacturers, Garden City’s lines offered only a limited number of pieces: Most sets included a series of plates (6″ bread and butter, 7″ salad, 9″ luncheon, 10″ dinner and 12-14″ serving plates) as well as a cup and saucer, bowl, creamer and sugar. Several lines included other serveware pieces, such as teapots, casseroles, pitchers and tumblers.

Among the more popular items that Garden City made are their nested mixing bowl sets. Mixing bowls came in five patterns with five or six bowls, depending on the pattern. The conical shaped mixing bowls are the most prevalent, and are often confused with Bauer Pottery’s ringware mixing bowls. Vases and gardenware (flower pots, bowls, jardinieres) were also very popular during the period.

While their primary distribution was on the Pacific coast, Garden City wares were distributed nationally through retailers like Macy’s and Montgomery Ward’s. Since Garden City was primarily a wholesaler, wares were sold under store brand names and are not marked. Additionally, no company product catalogs are known to exist and no official product names are known.

Hickman left Garden City in 1939 for the Haeger Pottery Company of Illinois, where he founded the very successful Royal Haeger artware lines. Post-1940, Garden City added new colors popular in the period: burgundy, forest green, mint green, pastel yellow, tan, pink and grey. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, the pottery changed its focus to creating redware products for the wholesale nursery industry, becoming the largest supplier of garden pots in California.

Rare Catalina Mini Bowls C374

Tiny, and terrific. You’ll use them. Three examples of why Catalina pottery is basically perfection.  2″h x 5.5w.

Price on request.

Bauer Small Footed Bowl B745

Modern, timeless, and just that little bit playful. Everything you own, and use, should give you this kind of pleasure.  3.5h x 10w.

Price on request.

Bauer Footed Bowl B744

An elegant riff on folk pottery. In a killer red. 4h x 13 diameter.

Price on request

Albert Londraville Seated Nude P1325

Not every painter of nudes remembers there is a person sitting there. And that is the hallmark of Londraville’s charm. The sitter is so at ease, she might as well be dressed: this nude is a transaction between equals, even friends. And the painting is just glorious, fluent and sure, very alive. Civilized is a word that comes to mind, also, serene. And the woman is herself is beyond lovely.  20.5h x 16.5w.

Price on request.