Anders Aldrin Griffith Park Oil On Canvas 1943 P1183

The way it was. Not too different from the way it is, really, and yet, how new it was then! And that makes all the difference. A gorgeous landscape, with the distant Observatory atop its hill. One senses the astonishing value of the gift of this park. One is under that long-ago sky.

Los Angeles has been fortunate in the few painters who took it seriously as a subject, and Anders Aldrin is pre-eminent among them. This makes the painting a double-treasure, a superb work of art and a true document of our past.

Price on request.

Anders Aldrin Malibu Coastline Oil On Canvas P1187

A masterly canvas by the great Anders Aldrin, one of our truly touchstone California painters. Born and trained in Denmark, he applied the European sophistication of his artistic origins to these marvelous evocations of his new home. This is an alchemy we see as a true characteristic of American art.

Price on request

Anders Aldrin Small Boy 1932 Oil On Canvas P1184

We are so fortunate to have been granted access to so much of Anders Aldren’s work. And the more we see of his work, the more compelling an artist he becomes. This portrait of a child is at once so direct and honest and yet wonderfully off-beat and sophisticated in its treatment. The very simplicity is deceptive. Very powerful piece.

Price on request.

Robert F Boyle (1909-2010) Berlin 1945 Oil on Canvas Board P1183

This must have been painted during Robert Boyle’s WWII stint in the Signal Corps. A sombre and insightful document of the bomb-wrecked city. Hauntingly evocative and absolutely honest. On his return to Hollywood, Boyle resumed his career as a production designer and renewed his collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, creating mise-en-scenes that have remained classics of production design, most notably for North By Northwest and The Birds. But here we have a key to that success, an eye on reality, without which no fantasy can convince. The sky, the few human figures, the smoke from the factory chimneys, the ONE car, it is all so telling.

Price on request.


Robert F Boyle (1909-2010) Malibu Colony Oil on Canvas Board P1182

A gorgeously painted scene by one of Hollywood’s most legendary production designers. And, as you can see, one of California’s finest painters. Here is the Colony when it was a getaway with nice shacks. Simpler times. There is a Bellows-like feel to this painting in its freedom and life and radical approach to light and framing. This is a spectacular find.

Price on request.




Robert F Boyle (1909-2010) Black Youths Oil On Canvas Board P1181

One of the all-time greats in the history of cinematic production design, Robert F Boyle was also a painter of such gifts that it would be a mistake to call his painting an avocation. We are beyond pleased to have access to this body of work being released by his heirs.

Price on request.


Bauer Black Ringware Jar RARE B727

And we mean rare. Thrilled to have it in the shop, no matter how briefly.

Large, too: 9″ tall by 11″ in diameter.

Price on

Carved Wooden Plaque Moose “Alone” A956

Charming and really quite poignant, lovingly rendered in low relief, this woodland scene goes to the heart. Sweet and honest. PRE WWII.

12″ x 18″. An inch thick.

Price on request.

Oscar Bach Style Spanish Revival Lamp 1920s L558

Oh, this is such a honey from the 20s, with that characteristic mix of the the ornate and the jazzy, the historic with the modern. Fabulous metalwork and an intricate motif of interlaced dragons and eagles. Imperial Revival really. Nothing tames an LED lightbulb like a vintage fixture: glare simply doesn’t have a chance against the cloth-backed shade of this one. Rosy-glow time.

30″ Tall, 11″ diameter.

Price on request.

Spanish Colonial Trestle Table F1316

Beautiful dark finish on this beautiful Spanish Colonial Trestle Table. Solid enough to be used as a kitchen table. 32″ tall x 36″ deep x 59″ long.

Please call for price.

Rare Prohibition-Era Monterey Classic Old Wood Tile Top Bar/Cellarette F1315

Rare piece of history.  A Monterey Classic Prohibition Tile-top Cellaret in Old Wood original finish, with remarkable tiles in original condition, no cracks, no restoration! Double branded too: it just doesn’t get better than this. Tiles are Hispano-Moresque.  The tile top slides forward to reveal a hidden space once used to hide alcohol. 34″ tall x 21″ deep x 41″ long.

Please call for price.

Mexican Colonial 19th Century Rush Seat Bench F1313

Beautifully Hand crafted Mexican Colonial rush seat Bench from the 19th Century.  Appears the finish may have been updated around the 1920’s. 36″ tall x 19″ deep x 42″ long

Please call for price.

Moorish Teak & Brass Studded 19th Century Trunk F1314

Gorgeous 19th Century teak & Brass Studded Moorish Trunk. Incredible hand work. 29″ tall x 24″ deep x 50″ long.

Please call for price.

Imperial Rope Seat Couch with Sideboard F1312

Gorgeous monterey style Imperial Rope Seat Couch with a side board on a hinge.  33″ tall x 33″ deep x 84″ long. 22″ sideboard extension on the righthand side of the couch.

Please call for price.

Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Classic Couch/Daybed F1318


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One of two amazingly rare Monterey style Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Couches. Both are ready to go, come with a futon mattress which you can reupholster and make into a comfy couch. All original finish. Solid Mahogany. Once in a … Continue reading

Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Classic Couch/Daybed F1317


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One of two amazingly rare Monterey style Imperial Buckaroo Rope Seat Couches. Both are ready to go, come with a futon mattress which you can reupholster and make into a comfy couch. All original finish. Solid Mahogany. Once in a … Continue reading

Elmer Plummer, Oil on Canvas “Golf Scene” 1936 P1180

Quite spare and stark. Golfers in a beautiful landscape which includes mountains. Perhaps the inspiration was one of the courses in Griffith Park? Obviously California. Oil on canvas, 28 x 18 art, with lovely white gold frame 35 x 25.

Price on request.

Born in Redlands, CA on Nov. 6, 1910. Plummer began painting during high school. He then studied on a three-year scholarship at the Chouinard Art School (and later taught there) under Millard Sheets and others. In 1934 he began work in the art department at Warner Bros and then moved to Disney Studios where he remained for many years. Most of his career was spent in Hollywood and his native city. He died in Junction City, OR on Dec. 31, 1986. Exh: Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1930s; LA Co. Fair, 1932 (1st prize), 1939; Calif. WC Society, 1932-42; LA AA, 1934 (award); Hesse Gallery (Glendale), 1935; Stendahl Gallery (LA), 1936; Calif. State Fair, 1938 (3rd prize); PAFA, 1938; AIC, 1939; GGIE, 1939; Chouinard Alumni, 1954. In: Orange Co. (CA) Museum; White House (Washington, DC); Pasadena YMCA (mural); Riverside (CA) High School; San Diego Museum.Source:

Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940”
California Arts and Architecture list, 1932; Who’s Who in American Art 1940; Who’s Who in California 1942; Variety, 1-13-1987 (obituary).

Los Castillos Pre-Columbian Artifact and Silver Pendant J129

A gorgeous bird image relic, ruddy color, from the pre-Columbian era set in Los Castillos silver. A pendant hand wrought for friends of Antonio Castillo. Dramatic and yet so elegant.

Price on request.

Los Castillos Pre-Columbian Artifact and Silver Pendant J128

A gorgeous animal image relic from the pre-Columbian set in Los Castillos silver, hand wrought for friends of Antonio Castillo. Simply stunning.

Mexican Onyx Aztec Jewelry Box M801

Heavy and glorious, just the perfect place for your silver and gold, your turquoise and your diamonds, perhaps. Or whatever. It’s a fine box with a reclining Aztec figure guarding. Box measures 10 x 3.5 x 6.5.

Price on request.

RARE Tudor Tile Co. Baseboard Tile CA548

This is a rare one. From Tudor Tile Co., a gloriously colorful baseboard tile. We don’t get these often, if ever! Tile measures 8 x 6.

Price on request.