Sam Hyde Harris Symbolist Figure on Mountain P973 SOLD


Gouache on Board by Sam Hyde Harris. estate stamped and unusual in its subject matter for the artist. Book Illustration? Who knows? Great to see that this nonpareil illustrator and designer and plein-air painter had a visionary side too.

Price on request.

Mexican Silver and Turquoise Wolf Pendant J246

Mexican Silver and Turquoise Wolf Pendant. Round, stamped.

Price on request.

Mexican Turquoise Mayan Calendar Pin/Pendant J245

Mexican Turquoise Mayan Calendar Pin/Pendant. Round, stamped.

Price on request.

Mexican Mayan or Aztec Onyx and Silver Calendar Pin J244

Mexican Mayan or Aztec Onyx and Silver Calendar Pin or pendant. Round, stamped.

Price on request.

Copper Bracelet J239

Copper bracelet, midcentury look, 1950s.

Price on request.

Mexican Silver Atomic Fish Trio J238

Super cool midcentury era Mexican “atomic” silver fish trio, a pendant and pair of earrings.

Price on request.

Join us in Oxnard for our First Open house April 28th We are joining a double Winery event.

Our Space at 953 N Rice will be open 4-9pm.

April is Awesome Strey Cellars our Neighbor is hosting a great event

Two things worth noting! If you haven’t heard yet, our Third Annual Food Truck Friday Series kicks off on April 28th. We also have “Futures” available on our Mourvedre Rose & Grenache to wine club members only!

the last Friday in April.
6p to 9p @ Strey


Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
Hot Roux LIVE.

Mega Moving sale last week Furniture Lighting, Art and more all 50% off or more.

Check some of the photos for whats left!! A lot. Dealers welcome and we are open all week 19th – 23rd all week 10-6. Lots of treasures left

Mexican Silver Cuff with Turquoise J236

Mexican Silver Cuff with Turquoise. Scene of a man in sombrero and a saguaro.

Price on request.

Native American Pima Basket A1247

Native American Pima Basket. Animal decoration. This one 6″ diameter, 4″ high.

Price on request.

Nicaraguan “People Painting” P1476

Oil on board, including part of the frame itself. Painting of people in a Nicaraguan village. Beautiful colors. Signed by Ernestia, a listed Nicaraguan folk artist. 14 x 16.

Price on request.

Orange Juice Stand Souvenir Pottery Bank A1245

Super cute and little, an orange stand pottery souvenir bank. From the citrus nirvana of Old California! About 3″ diameter.


Price on request.

Ocumicho Car with Devil Figure M1008

Ocumicho figure of a little red devil (diablito) riding on the back of a green and beige car. Approx 7 x 6 x 4.

 Price on request.

Mexican Folk Art Devils from Ocumicho

Mexican clay figures of little devils, or diablitos, are some of the most interesting pottery creations from the town of Ocumicho, in Michoacan. The village of Ocumicho is home to the Purépecha people, whose womenfolk have made clay toys and whistles (pitos or silbatos) for generations. In the 1950s a missionary introduced molds for coin banks in the shape of dolls, pigs, and other animals, and these, too, became popular items to sell in nearby markets. Men of the village engaged in subsistence agriculture and forestry-related activities. The women’s folk art, however, is the third most important source of income, and is therefore a critical factor in the survival of the Purépecha of Ocumicho.

How the Diablitos Came to Be

There are a variety of stories about how the village artisans began to make little devils, but the most credible is from an article by Claudia B. Isaac, called Witchcraft, Cooperatives, and Gendered Competition in a P’urepecha Community. (Alternate spellings for this group of people include P’urepecha, Purépecha, and P’urhépecha.)

Marcelino Vicente and “Women’s Work”

Although clay work was engaged in only by women up until the 1960s, an unusual young man, Marcelino Vicente, began creating strange little figures of devils, monsters, and unholy scenes. Called diablitos, or “little devils,” the creatures surprised everyone by selling well in the markets. Based upon the success of these figurines, other local clay workers began to make similar items.

Some diablitos are quite simple; others consist of more complex scenes with many figures situated in groups. The devils may be found in religious settings, including at depictions of the Last Supper, and are often sexual in nature.

Mexican “Tree of Life” M1006

Mexican “tree of life” sculpture. Features three colorful birds on the limb. Approx. 12″ high.

Price on request.