Mexican Colored Glass Multifaceted Light Fixture L535

Beautiful glass panes accentuate this fixture, green and amber patterned panes alternating with frosted ones. Superb. 12″ globe.

Price on request.

Irv Wyner Pinup Girl P1053

Stunning and incredibly sexy red-gowned pre-war beauty here. Irv Wyner started out in New York doing pinup illustrations before he moved West to work in Hollywood as an illustrator. This piece will be estate-stamped by the Irv Wyner Estate. 22″w x 30″h. Unframed, oil on board.

Price on request.

Irv Wyner (1904-2002) was one of the most accomplished background artists in animation during the fifties,  also making his mark as a noted watercolorist. As a colorist and innovator his worked proved very influential in his chosen profession. Works by him in all his genres are becoming increasingly sought after.


Will Rogers “Judge Priest” poster AP438

Very special. One of a kind, in fact we don’t know any others in existence. This hand-screened large print has been cleaned, linen-backed and mounted on board. 4′ x 6′. Slight margin damage (see photo).

“Judge Priest” was a 1934 American comedy film starring the American legend Will Rogers. The movie was based on humorist Irvin S. Cobb’s character Judge Priest. Judge Priest, a proud Confederate veteran, uses common sense and his considerable humanity to dispense justice in a small town in the Post-Bellum Kentucky! The film played a major role in earning Will Rogers the number one box office star of 1934.

The film was directed by John Ford and produced by Sol M. Wurtzel in association with Fox Film. The movie is set in post-reconstruction Kentucky, and also stars Stepin Fetchit, Anita Louise and Hattie McDaniel.

Price on request.

Jo Mora California History Map First Version 1927 AP 436

An insane amount of entertainment and information is packed into this brilliant map by the great Jo Mora. The humor is a bit rough, but then, so is California’s history. And, come on, it’s 1927.

28″ x 36″.

Price on request.

The Uruguayan-born Mora moved to the United States as a child. Before making his way to the Monterey Peninsula, he studied art and worked as a newspaper illustrator in Boston. His editors sent him to sketch developing news stories, and those drawings accompanied articles in the days before photography was standard. As Mora strengthened his graphics skills, he also created three-dimensional works with his father, a sculptor.

That versatility helped Mora earn a living solely through art. “Over the course of his career, his work was fairly evenly divided between two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. He was gifted at both,” says Hiller. “He was always hustling and looking for work, but by the same token, he was fortunate to have enough work coming his way that he was able to comfortably take care of his family.”

Mora eventually moved to Arizona and spent time living in Hopi and Navajo communities. His personal interactions and cultural explorations inspired pen-and-ink drawings, watercolors, sculptures, and a continued interest in the American West shaped many of his future art and writing projects. He finally settled in Carmel.

Map of California “The Old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Los Angeles County” 1937 AP 435

Gerald A Eddy drew it for the Title Insurance & Trust Company of Los Angeles. A delightful period giveaway, and the graphic scale shows distances in miles, Spanish leagues and Spanish varas. What else could you need?

Price on request.

18″ x 21″.

Title Insurance and Trust Company was founded in 1893 as a company to handle titles and trusts. Originally located at 458 South Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles, the offices were later moved to the Title Insurance Building at 433 South Spring Street. The company was renamed TI Corporation in 1968 and reorganized in 1977 into TICOR, a general business corporation. TICOR is currently an international title insurance and financial services organization, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Oregon.

William Harrison Godwin (1899-1984) 1927 Hollywood History Map AP434

A knockout by the delightful cartoonist Harrison Godwin. In Hollywood, who’s in and who’s out is a fast moving game: this is a snapshot of that shaky moment just as sound is starting to loom on the horizon, and pedestals are starting to shake, as the town keeps booming regardless. Wonderful humor and oh my lord a huge amount of information. And graphically delicious. 24″x 28″. Minimally frayed, a few tiny holes.

Price on request.

Intriguingly (especially since surprisingly little information is available about him) it IS known that Harrison Godwin’s day job was as manager of Carmel’s La Playa Hotel. His maps of San Francisco and Hollywood have remained strong favorites among collectors. We would love to know more about him.

Santa Fe Railroad Swimsuit Poster 1950s AP437

Iconic. Another winner from the Santa Fe. Their ad campaigns led the pack for the life of the railroad, changing with the times, and, sometimes, a little ahead of them.

Price on request.


18th Century Spanish Colonial Tuxedo Sofa F1172

Superlatives exist, and it’s pieces like this that deserve them. Newly upholstered in a rich green and with new springs, the carved wooden base is late 18th century piece. Simply gorgeous! Measures 76″w x 28″d x 29″ high.

Price on request.

Set of 12 Solid Walnut Spanish Revival Winetasting Chairs F1175

A pretty great selection of chairs, can go with the Monumental Winetasting Table (F1174) or by themselves. Solid Walnut. Rich butter brown leather upholstery.

Price on request.

Monumental Spanish Revival Winetasting Table F1174

Pretty amazing table, gigantic seems the appropriate word! Measures 122″w x 33″d x 31″ high.

Price on request.

Folk Art Cabinet F1173

Delightful folk art cabinet hand painted by Margaret Olson in 1944. Wonderfully detailed, even to the knobs. It’s big, too, but quite manageable: 72″h x 40″w x 16″d.

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Serape Textile “Red with Blue Diamond” A810

Stunning and colorful Mexican “New Mexican” serape, this one red with a blue bordered diamond in the center. From era 1910-1930. Two minor moth holes and minor discoloration on one stripe. (see photos)

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Serape Textile “Dark Red” A809

Delightful and colorful serape, red diamond design in the center. From period 1910-1930. 87″ x 40″.

Picture on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Vintage Serape “Blue and Black” A808

Vintage textile, this serape in blue and black has minor fading on both sides. See photos. From 1910-1933 era. 77″ x 41″.

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Saltillo Textile “Deep Blue” A807

Gorgeous blues in this New Mexican Pueblo textile. From 1910-1933 era. 80″ x 44″.

Price on request.

New Mexican Pueblo Saltillo Blanket “Light Brown and Black” A806

Pueblo blanket from 1910-1933 era. This one slight damage to fringe. 78″ x 41″.

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Textile “Red” A805

Beautiful New Mexican blanket, primarily red, made by Mexicans in what is now New Mexico. 1910-1933 era. This one has minor bleeding at one edge. 74″ x 40″.

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Pueblo Saltillo A804

Very rare and special Pueblo Saltillo. Primarily orange, this one also is from 1910-1930 era with whirling logs and other designs. 96″ x 37″.

Price on request.


New Mexican Chimayo Blanket “Light Brown-Red-Blue” A803

New Mexican Chimayo Blanket from 1910-1933 period. Includes whirling log design, accents in red and navy. This blanket as some minor moth damage (see photos). 78″ x 45″.

Price on request.

Mexican “New Mexican” Saltillo Textile “Cream and Navy” A802

Simple yet so beautiful, 1910-1933 era Mexican “New Mexican” blanket in cream with navy blue. 75″ x 47.5″.

Price on request.


New Mexican Native American Barrel A799

A great find. Wooden barrel from New Mexico with Native American mural painted in a distinctive WPA style. 17″ high x 12″ diameter.

Price on request.

American Folk Art Hooked Rug A798

Beautiful hooked rug from the 1920s, just in directly from the collection at a Northern California estate. Pristine and mint condition, very clean 46″w x 38″h.

Price on request.

Spanish Colonial Candle Sconces L534a

Gorgeous pair of brass sconces, Spanish Colonial. Imposing. These have an electrical switch, but were adapted for candles. 26″high, 14″w x 8″d.

Price on request.