Monterey Classic Library Table F1167

We don’t see these beauties too often! This one is gorgeous, partially restored and a real stunner. From an old Palm Springs estate. Monterey Classic Library table measures 60″w x 30″h x 26″d.

Price on request.

Anglo-Indian Solid Teak Table F1164

An amazing piece of furniture. Late 19th century hand-carved solid teak table. Alligators and cobras make up the table legs; elephants and Hindu figures adorn the table top. Nothing short of fabulous. Table is 30″ diameter, 28″ high.

Price on request.

Coronado Bedside Table F1163

Perfectly proportioned, flawless and simple design. Part of a set, this Coronado bedside table measures 26″h x 17″w x 12″d.

Price on request.

Mexican Serape A788

Many colored serape, predominant color black, just beautiful, 95″ x 65″.

Price on request.

Coronado Torchiere with Round Base L533

Great Coronado Spanish Revival Torchiere, this one with a round base. 57″ high, base 9″ in diameter.

Price on request.

Chimayo Blanket A787

Beautiful Chimayo blanket, deep blues like the early evenings in the mountains of New Mexico, where these are from. Measures 84″ x 48″.

Price on request.

Monterey Classic Leather Top Stool in Straw Ivory F1162

Beautiful little stool from the classic Monterey period, straw ivory finish with floral accents. Seat is richly burnished leather topped. Perfection. Measures 19″w x 15.5″d x 18″h.

Price on request.


Spanish Revival Side Table F1161

Dark luxurious walnut, Spanish Revival from the 1920s in a perfect side table. Measures 27″w x 16.5″d x 22″h.

Price on request.

Spanish Revival 19th Century Trunk F1160

Beautiful, dark wood, 19th century trunk hand-carved with some glorious iron accents. Looks a little Celtic-influenced. A great piece for the right room without doubt! Measures 33″w x 19″d x 21″h.

Price on request.

Monterey Buckaroo Classic Rope seat Couch Spanish GreenF1159

Rare and wonderful ! Unusual and extraordinary ! This Monterey Buckaroo Classic Couch is a Unique survivor. This is the one actually featured in the famous Monterey Coffee table book by Roger Renick. Original Spanish Green factory finish has been enhanced over the years. The painted Panels are original as is the Rope. Double Branded and ready for your hacienda, Will Roger’s inspired homestead or ready for Marion Davies Coastal Retreat.

Price on request

Edward Borein India Ink Drawing of Polo Players P1047

We love finding images of polo players, and this drawing by Ed Borein is a pip. A well known Western artist, he had the skill set to capture the other Sport of Kings when the Hollywood elite, led by the great Will Rogers, claimed it for themselves.

Edward Borein, along with Charlie Russell, is the most authentic of all the early cowboy artists by virtue of his familiarity with the lifestyle, sites and sounds of the West.  “I will leave only an accurate picture of the West, nothing else but that. If anything isn’t authentic or just right, I won’t put it in any of my work.”

Born in San Leandro, CA, Edward Borein would often see cows passing the family home as a child.  At the age of five, Edward Borein sketched his first piece of two horses pulling an ornamented hearse.  This kind of doodling would also occupy him once he entered school, as the margins of the page got quite a bit more attention than the answer blanks on any page belonging to Ed.  He knew how to ride, rope and drive cattle at twelve and, upon turning eighteen, took what money he had and bought a horse and a bedroll, setting off down the coast in order to work as a cowboy.  The first time did not take- Edward Borein ended up back in Oakland after just one year.  His mother saw the quality of the sketches he had done while cow-punching and enrolled him in the Art School of the San Francisco Art Association.

Edward Borein didn’t last long in art school, dropping out after only a month. However, while in school he met both Jimmy Swinnerton and Maynard Dixon, who were enthusiastic in advising Edward Borein to continue his art on his own.  Borein set out again, this time to the 45,000 acre Rancho Jesus Maria, where he found the work grueling beyond his previous experience.  While at the ranch, Edward Borein sent two drawings to Charles Lummis, publisher of the Land of Sunshine, who bought them both for $15.  After Rancho Jesus Maria, Edward Borein headed to Mexico, where he learned Spanish and sketched the local lifestyle and landscape while working as a Vaquero on a series of large ranches.  Crossing the border back into the United States, Edward Borein came in contact for the first time with Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and Pima Indian Tribes.

In 1900 Edward Borein took an illustrating job at the San Francisco Call and set off an a sketching trip to the Northwest with Maynard Dixon.  In 1903 he went to Phoebe Hearst’s ranch in New Mexico and visited El Paso, Laguna, Acoma, Taos, Oraibi and Walpi.  The sketches Edward Borein made during this period would be drawn upon numerous time later in his life for etchings. His India ink drawings appeared in Harpers, Colliers Weekly, Sunset Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, and ads for Stetson Hats, Pierce Arrow and Aunt Jemima.

Edward Borein’s burgeoning success convinced him to move to New York City, where he would live for twelve years as an artist and illustrator. Edward Borein became friends with Will Rogers and his idol, Charlie Russell, and met many of the major figures in western art and entertainment.  Russell was impressed by Borein’s work and told him that he could be the best oil painter of any western artist with continued practice.  Taking this as a thinly-veiled criticism, Edward Borein ceased painting oils for a time and would concentrate on watercolors for the rest of his career. In 1921, tired of the city, he moved back to California, where he married and settled in Santa Barbara, where Edward Borein became a member of the Santa Barbara Art Club.

William Spratling Lapis & Silver Bracelet RARE J98

Considered the founding father of the Taxco silver renaissance, William Spratling trained a whole generation of silversmiths who would, with him, lift the craft of Mexican silver making to the first rank. And this piece shows how he has never been surpassed as a jeweler in this style. The style he set.

Truly extraordinary how the stones are carved into shapes that suggest a Jungian vision and then literally cradled, held by a pair of silver hands. A bracelet with an authentic power.

Price on request.

Robert Ward Beach Couple Watercolor P1046

A moody beach after a recent rain, the windblown couple at the water’s edge framed by driftwood gazing at the rock formations rising out of the sea. A beautiful watercolor, style and technique in perfect balance, loose and confident and full of atmosphere and feeling.

Price on request.


Irv Wyner The Farmer P1045

There isn’t anyone like Irv Wyner, and every time we acquire one of his paintings, we just can’t stop looking at it. He really painted like nobody else on earth. A famed background artist on Chuck Jones’ miraculous team of mad geniuses, his talent reached far and wide, from gorgeous watercolor seascapes to these hallucinated brilliantly colored cartoon fever dreams. Beauty lives cheek by jowl with funny in Irv’s work, and here we have one of his funniest. And we  have the Farmer’s Wife too. They’re just wicked, there is no other word for them.

Price on request.

Irv Wyner The Farmer’s Wife P1044

Hilarious. ruthlessly funny and absolutely masterful. Noted animation background artist Irv Wyner has earned a piece of immortality through his contributions to the golden age of American cartoons. Here his work is nothing less than devastating in its humor and its very high style. The rendering of the print fabric of her dress alone is enough to make you stop breathing. And guess what, we have The Farmer too (P1045)!

Price on request.

Wagoneer Cowboy Lamp L532

Fantastic folk artifact cobbled together from the bits and pieces left over from the days of horse-drawn travel. Horse-shoes of course, and a wheel hub, and a graceful pair of hames add up to one terrific table lamp. Casts a little light on the past.

Price on request.

Coronado Twin Beds F1158

We should go back to these. Certainly for kids and guests. For the weekend cottage… And if anything could convince us, it would be this pair of Coronado beds. Utterly winning, with something of the dream-catcher about them. Wonderfully painted decorations and metal strapping.

Price on request.

Coronado Armchair F1157

A classic among classics: the shape, the decoration. One of Coronado’s really big winners. Fits in everywhere, light and graceful. And still sturdy.

Price on request.


Coronado Trunk F1156

It’s hand painted and in amazing original condition for its years, the leather handles and hinge straps are intact, with only a little wear on the top and a flower pot ring. So pretty, and extremely useful in any room. We are very proud of this one.

Price on request.