Large Mexican Tlaquepaque Tourist-Ware Charger 1930s Man with Basket on Head M450

Once plentiful and ubiquitous, Mexican tourist-ware from the 30s, often called Tlaquepaque for the town outside Guadalajara along the old Pan-American Highway whence so much of it originated, is now collected for its freedom and expressiveness and personality, as well as its increasing rarity (the pieces are fragile). Not derived from any deep-seated folk traditions, but rather formulated to appeal to the crowds of tourists who were starting to flock to Mexico, the designs and imagery are vivid and lively and extremely varied and seem to be made as much for the pleasure of the maker as for the intended customer. Particularly prized are lidded pieces, and those with unusual forms and decorations. This example shows a man carrying a basket full of flasks or bottles accompanied by a dog, approaching a house at the foot of a hill overshadowed by a magnificent multicolored cactus.

The plate is glazed, in very good condition and is 17″ in diameter.

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