Laurel and Hardy Poster for Swiss MIss (1938) printed in India for its run circa 1950 AP420

A beautiful transposition of one of the original poster designs for the 1938 movie (a classic) into the fabulous color key of India. On linen backing.

47″ x 63″.

Price on request.

Stanley and Oliver are mousetrap salesmen hoping to strike it rich in Switzerland, but get swindled out of all their money by a cheesemaker. While working off their hotel debt, Oliver falls in love with a chambermaid, Anna, who in reality is a famous opera singer spying on her composer husband, Victor, while he works on his new opera. The boys are assigned to move Victor’s piano to a secluded tree house, but become trapped on a rickety rope bridge high above an Alpine gorge when they’re met halfway across by a gorilla.

Makes sense to me.

Check out the trailer: