Loews Warfield 3 Shows-in-one Poster 1931 AP458 SOLD

Poster for the combined attractions booked at the Loew’s Warfield San Francisco around 1931. Two live acts and movie. The Depression had really kicked in and getting audiences back into the theaters took a lot of moxie. This poster is a reminder of that.

21″ x 27″

Price on request.

And here’s the line-up:

1.The Secret Call is a 1931 American drama film directed by Stuart Walker and written by Arthur Kober, Eve Unsell and William C. deMille. The film stars Richard Arlen, Peggy Shannon, William B. Davidson, Charles Trowbridge, Jane Keithley, Selmer Jackson and Ned Sparks. The film was released on July 25, 1931, by Paramount Pictures. Peggy Shannon’s short life and career were filled with bit parts and “B” pictures. While this film is relatively obscure, it entertains as it showcases one of Hollywood’s missed opportunities. The Secret Call was an old film property when Paramount decided to shoot the talking version. Based on the play, “The Woman” by William de Mille, Paramount filmed it as a silent in 1915 with Lois Meredith and again in 1927 as “The Telephone Girl” with Madge Bellamy in the lead. It was in rehearsals as a Clara Bow vehicle when Ms. Bow suffered a nervous collapse. Peggy Shannon had been a star on stage and was one of ten young actresses selected by Paramount for a chance in pictures. Just five days after arriving in Hollywood, Ms. Shannon stepped into the lead role. With a marvelously complicated plot, The Secret Call gives Peggy many strong scenes as it unreels. You’ll really feel for her. Another great performer who didn’t hit it big and hit the bottle instead. She passed away in 1941 at age 32.

2.  Rube Wolf was a band leader and comedian (billing himself as “The World’s Homeliest Musical Scream”) from the early to mid 1900’s. Playing in some of the biggest movie palaces in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and just about all over the place. Rube Wolf was the brother of famous brother and sister production team Fanchon and Marco who are best known for their live stage shows performed before movie showings called “Prologs”. The movie Footlight Parade with James Cagney is based largely on Fanchon and Marco. The Wolf family was very involved in all aspects of the development of early Hollywood. Not only running large scale productions, but also owning the Metropolitan Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. the El Capitan on Hollywood Blvd., as well as many other Fox West Coast Theaters. They also ran a Hollywood dance and talent school whose students would go on to become some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

3.  Phil Harris was a celebrated bandleader of the 1940s and a radio, film, and TV actor who always seemed to imply allegiance to the former Confederate States of America. Was a principal of long standing in Jack Benny’s radio retinue, parlaying his popularity into his own radio series, in which his wife, Alice Faye, co-starred.